Award-Winning Ohio Cop With History of Domestic Violence

Alexandra Gratereaux

Award-Winning Ohio Cop With History of Domestic Violence Charged with Stalking, Abducting Wife of Fellow Trooper.

An award-winning lieutenant of the Ohio State Highway Patrol was arrested Sunday for allegedly stalking the wife of a fellow colleague.

William Elschlager, Ohio State Highway Patrol Marietta Post Leader, was charged with one charge of menacing by stalking – a fourth degree felony in that state. He was also charged with one count of abduction – a third degree felony in Ohio, according to WTAP.

This is his second arrest since 2007 when he was charged with domestic violence after he was accused of pulling his girlfriend’s hair, striking her face and forcing her inside the bed of his pickup truck, where he locked her in under a locking cover.

In the latest arrest, Elschlager supposedly had an affair with the wife of one of his trooper’s back in April of last year, which came to an end in August of 2015.

A hearing is pending for Elschlager, which is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Officials searched Elschlager’s home on Sunday and then arrested him. The lieutenant had allegedly also stolen things from her car, stalked her where she lives and even went as far as putting a GPS on her car vehicle to know her location at all times.

According to the victim, Elschlager composed himself in a bizarre and suffocating manner going as far as throwing Christmas gifts at her door and would show up begging to speak to her. He even supposedly pulled her over countless times just to have conversations with her.

“On one occasion he stopped her in his patrol car, went up to the vehicle and pleaded with her to get back with him,” said Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

“This investigation is only in the beginning stages and we anticipate quite a bit more work that we’re going to have to do to clear up everything.”

The Columbus Dispatch says Angela Bettinger, who was married to Trooper Michael Bettinger, said she was in fear for her safety, according to Mincks.

Bettinger, 27, and Elschlager, 46, met during a patrol event and soon after had an affair. Currently, the Bettingers are going through a divorce.

“At one point she wanted to end the relationship,” Mincks continued. “He didn’t and wanted to get her back.”

Mincks added that there is a possibility Elschlager will face other charges s the investigation continues.

Elschlager is on paid administrative leave from his job.

In 2011, he won a Certificate of Recognition award for his “heroic actions.”


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