Baltimore City School Officer Charged For Assault In Viral Video,


Baltimore City School Officer Charged For Assault In Viral Video, Faces 35 Year Sentence (UPDATED)

Once again, a viral video has led to criminal charges for a Baltimore cop, and this officer was fired from another agency for police brutality already in 2002.

This time, it’s serious.

Baltimore City School Officer Anthony Spence, was in the viral-video you can see below which PINAC News reported last week, hitting a student, along with Officer Saverna Bias, the other officer in the video whose identity has been verified.

The cop was charged Wednesday morning with second degree assault, second-degree child abuse by a custodian, and official misconduct.

All three criminal allegations against Spence are felony charges, according to the Baltimore Police Department who investigated the incident.

Spence faces up to a total of 35 years for the criminal charges.

The 53-year-old officer Bias was also charged with second degree assault and official misconduct.

Baltimore School Police Chief Marshall Goodwin placed both officers on paid vacation (aka paid administrative leave), before the Chief placed himself on paid vacation over the incident too.

Oddly, Baltimore schools won’t say why the Chief has suspended himself, or if it’s related to this investigation which is highly likely, as you can see from the video tweeted by Baltimore Sun reporter Colin Campbell below.

Spence was seen striking and kicking the student while yelling “Get the fuck out of here” in the video, which was shot in selfie mode, presumably to shield the photographer from repercussions on the scene.

It is unknown if either officer reported the incident to authorities, however school officials stated they found out after the viral video was posted online.

Both Officers were released on $50,000 bond.

School officials had stated the 16-year-old in the video was not a student at the REACH Partnership School on the north east side of Baltimore, and had tried to dismiss the video by saying the person was an intruder at the school and was told multiple times to leave.

He was actually a student.

Spence was previously fired from the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office for his role in tazering an innocent man at Lexington Market in 2002. There is no word from officials if Spence is still employed at the Baltimore City School after charges were filed.

Anthony Spence was previously hit with a temporary restraining order in 2011 by his girlfriend at the time who was also a Baltimore City School officer.

Both officers face multiple felonies, but we suspect they will be given a light sentence just like Baltimore City Police Sergeant Dennis Workley who was given a suspended jail sentence and probation after facing 10 years in jail for perjury and misconduct in a case in 2012. Baltimore public defender Todd Oppenheim has described the advantages Baltimore’s police typically receive over regular defendants in criminal proceedings.

Maybe, a conviction on these charges will at least be enough to have the violent Baltimore City Schools cop fired, and to finally lose his license to carry the badge.


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