Baltimore Cop Caught on Camera Throwing Rock Back at Protesters

Carlos Miller

Baltimore Cop Caught on Camera Throwing Rock Back at Protesters.

Clashes between Baltimore police and protesters today reportedly left seven cops injured, including one that was left unconscious and others with broken bones, according to media reports.

But so far, the mainstream media has not made any mention of police throwing rocks at protesters, even though one of their overhead helicopters captured it on camera.

The footage was downloaded by a viewer and uploaded to Youtube, which you can see below.

It’s short. Fifteen seconds. But it shows a cop hurling a rock at protesters before the protesters swarmed them, forcing them to run back.

The second video appears to be the same incident but captured on the ground from behind.

The clashes took place this afternoon after the funeral of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old man who died in police custody with police refusing to explain how he died.

A Baltimore police captain said one cop was left “unresponsive” which is the exact way they described Gray when they transported him to a hospital after dragging him into the back of a police van two weeks ago.

But the captain still did not elaborate on the “credible threat” they spoke about earlier that the Bloods and Crips gang joining forces to “take out” police officers.

When pressed by a reporter at a press conference today, Captain J. Eric Kowalczyk said they gathered that information through “intelligence,” which means they probably based it on earlier news reports that the gangs had called a truce to protest against police for the death of Gray.

The youths throwing rocks in the videos below do not appear to be wearing any gang colors.


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