Baltimore Cop Charged with Assaulting Women for not Inviting him to Party

Carlos Miller

Baltimore police officer Jordan Ali, 22, was also fired because he was still on employment probation.

Upset at not being invited to a party, an off-duty 22-year-old Baltimore police officer pursued a car filled with three women at speeds reaching 100 mph, striking their car from behind with his car, then claiming he was an FBI agent when he got them to stop early Saturday morning.

But the women did not believe him and fled into the parking lot of a hospital where medics allowed them to hide inside an ambulance while police were called.

When Baltimore police responded to the scene, Ali told them he was pursuing the vehicle because he believed it to be stolen.

He also said "he found it odd that 3 females would be driving such a nice car, and that he had observed them smoking something that could have been illegal," according to the Baltimore Sun.

But the investigation determined he was angry at being rejected.

Ali was arrested on three counts of second-degree assault, three counts of harassment and one count of reckless endangerment.

Ali, who was hired in March 2020, was also fired because he was still on his probationary employment period. He has been released on bond but his mugshot has not been released.

Three years ago, the Baltimore police officer who runs the academy said it was graduating cops with little understanding of the law.

“We’re giving them a badge and a gun tomorrow, the right to take someone’s liberty, ultimately the right to take someone’s life if it calls for it, and they have not demonstrated they can meet [basic] constitutional and legal standards,” Baltimore Police Sergeant Josh Rosenblatt told the Baltimore Sun.

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Uh... Real damage? I guess you could ask the guy that was killed for not being able to pay his dealer the $10K that he stole from him if there was any damage... And who is stupid enough to say ANYTHING on a phone that's illegal... Big brother can stumble on something juicy every once in a while...


"Three years ago, the Baltimore police officer who runs the academy said it was graduating cops with little understanding of the law." Yet, they continued to allow them to graduate and become the worst nightmare of citizens. Good work police department. Failed again. If he hadn't still been on probation, he would have received a slap on the wrist and released. FTP and all their enablers.


at least this one was caught before he could do any real damage!

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