Baltimore School Cop Caught Beating Student on Video (UPDATED)


Baltimore School Cop Caught Beating Student on Video (UPDATED)

UPDATE 3/1/2016: The Baltimore city school cop caught beating a student in a viral video this week was previously terminated from another local agency. The violent cop’s name Anthony Spence, who was fired from the Baltimore Sheriff’s Office after tazing the wrong, Hispanic man at Lexington Market in 2002.

The Baltimore school cop’s priors included a temporary protective order for domestic violence.

School officials stated that the young man identified in the video was not a student at the school. However a 16 year old who claims to be the student in the video says he has school records to prove it.

Spence was fired from Baltimore Sheriffs after he found to have hit and tazed a light skinned Hispanic immigrant after misidentifying him as a dark skinned black male who had robbed a bank a few blocks away. Later, after being terminated the officer apologized and told his last victim, “I feel your actual pain.”

Officer Spence who was seen in the viral video hitting and kicking a student also is seen with a firearm, which is against Maryland state law prohibiting the School Police from being lethally armed near children, who rely on outside agencies as a primary police force. A long standing state law prohibits Baltimore City School police from carrying weapons on school grounds, last year the Baltimore City School Polce asked the legistature to allow them to carry their weapons.

At this time, the Fraternal Order of Police is vigorously defending the Officer. The police union is claiming that the young man was told to leave the property, and the video does not tell the whole story, and the Baltimore Sun says that it only “appears” the officer was kicking the teen.

Both officers who beat the teenager have been placed on paid vacation.


A Baltimore City School police officer was seen beating a student on a video that surfaced Tuesday.

In the video, the student is with his back against the wall as the officer is cursing and yelling at him.

The officer then pushes the student against the wall, strikes him three times, then kicks him, telling the student to “get the fuck out of here.”

The Baltimore City School Police Force is a separate agency from the city’s police department.

The school board said that the officer was reassigned, but would not identify him.

However, PINAC sources say the Baltimore school cop is known as “Officer Spence.”

School officials said the incident took place some time Tuesday morning at The REACH Partnership School, which is located in the old Lake Clifton school complex, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The video was originally posted on Snapshot or Vine and last only four seconds, but we repeated the clip in the video below to accentuate the officer’s attack.


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