Black Man Accurately Predicts on FB Live he is about to be Racially Profiled

Nathan Dimoff

The New York police officer said he pulled them over because the passenger's "jaw dropped."

Moments before he was pulled over by police, Mazell Anthony had taken to Facebook Live, predicting he was about to pulled over.

The Johnstown police officer said he pulled him over because he has something hanging from his rear view mirror. The cop also said the passenger’s “jaw dropped” when making eye contact with the cop, which was another reason he gave for the traffic stop.

The video was recorded last month and starts off with Anthony in the driver seat, accompanied along with another man and his daughter, facing a parked police car.

“Yeah, look at this guy. And he’s parked, too. So, you know it’s about to turn up. These n****s gonna try to boot n****s for no reason, at all. Let me see,” Anthony starts the video saying.

He tells the viewers that his license is good, verifies he has his registration and that his lights work.

He turns the camera around to face him as the passenger gets into the car.

“I’m recording all this bro. I recorded it. I got him on camera turning off the street with no signal and turning into that fire department thing with no signal,” Anthony tells Michael, the passenger.

Anthony informs viewers that he turned his signal on 200 feet before making a complete stop.

The police car starts to follow Anthony, but he was able to pull ahead quick enough to put a few cars in between them.

Two-and-a-half minutes into the video, Anthony drives past another police officer which quickly pulls him over.

“I dare him to say it smells like anything, because it smells like gyro dinners in here,” Anthony says, before the officer approaches.

Anthony hands him his identification and the cop turns to his passenger, Michael McDonald, and asks for his identification.

He tells the officer that he does not have an ID. The officer asks again if he has an ID on him.

“No, I don’t. You know me anyway, man. I don’t got no ID. You know my face and everything,” Michael responds.

Whether he knows him or not, he always asks for ID, the officer explained.

Anthony continues to ask why he was getting pulled over but the cop ignores the question, remaining fixated on McDonald.

“If you can’t be quiet for a second, while I answer his question, I’ll tell you in a second,” the officer finally responds.

Anthony tries to tell the officer that has not committed any traffic infringements.

“That is not for you to decide,” the officer says.

Four minutes and ten seconds into the video, the officer tells Anthony to exit out of the vehicle so he can focus on harassing Michael.

His daughter begins crying after Anthony exits the car. The cop then began questioning McDonald.

“Michael, what are you doing over there,” the officer asks.

“What am I doing? Come on man, it’s a free country. This is Johnstown,” Michael tries to explain to the officer that he can go wherever he wants, before getting interrupted.

“Of course, I know you don’t live over there. Sure, you can, but you don’t live there,” the officer says.

The officer then tries to ask about Michaels personal life and who he is dating, which is completely unrelated to the stop.

“You got something in the car? What did you do, a drop off,” the officer asks Michael.

The officer then continues fishing for a crime by asking how much cash Michael has on him.

Michael tells the officer that he is not freaking out and that he was pulled over for nothing.

The officer then finally admits to why the car was stopped.

“When you saw me, your jaw was dropped, that’s why.”

Jaw dropping is not an articulable reasonable suspicion that a crime is being, about to be, or was just committed.

Michael asks if he committed a crime and the officer says no. The cop continues to interrogating him

The officer changes the subject back to trying to see who he was visiting; which Michael continues to push for the officer to do his job and even offers to step out of the vehicle so he can be searched. It is not clear if the officer took him up on his offer.

The video ends with the crying baby asking for their dad.

Anthony was cited for obstructed view. Watch the shortened video above or the full video below.

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To start with, we need to develop a proper training program for police officers. Currently most POST academy's are less than a year at a local community college. A nurse assistant that changes diapers has more intensive training than do police recruits. Further, DO NOT give these people weapons. Good God, at the very least make that part of a 5 year program. Teach them how to talk to people and how to defuse a tense situation not how to escalate it. A big problem is that they feel empowered knowing that most will not fight back and this leads to their bully behavior and entitlement mentality. Cops are an easy read. There is a personality trait all cops have prior to becoming cops. Especially the long term career cops. They lack confidence and seek approval, typically they are followers in a group. Unable to make calculated decision at crucial moments, they fall back on command presence in a feeble attempt to appear justified and confident about a decision. Notice in every situation after an event they stand around clueless eyes searching for direction from fellow officers. Its also a helpful survival trait for them as they quickly and without question immediately fall in line behind a fellow officer as a backup. Much like a lemming or a well trained animal, without question and without hesitation they fallback on the core submissive personality trait of follower.
You'll see it every time. Honestly, it is a rare occurrence to come across a truly confident and solid individual in law enforcement.
Don't believe me? Look at the failed marriages historically of police officers. Look at the ones that violate beyond what can be covered up. You will see a pattern of screw-up.
We need a 2 year, at least, POST. 1 year is devoted to social interactions coupled with strength training and fighting and defensive tactics. Lead into combative hand to hand for the last 4 month. Then if hired, they should work 1 year in the office or as a report writing CSO. 2 year no weapons under a senior 6 plus year veteran. At year 3 they go it alone. Year 4 they can apply for a sidearm and begin training. Year 5 if they make it that far, they are granted a wet-eared .380 ACP.

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

It’s just simply never going to stop because courtrooms are allowing cops to get away with their unlawful actions and not disciplining for their unlawful actions and it disgusts me everytime I turn around it’s always blue eyed spineless spawns of Satan.😡😎


BOTH my apartment complex AND my job require me to have tags hanging from my mirror. Does this jurisdiction require you to get your car towed twice in one day???

Cops Gone Rogue