BREAKING: Minnesota Cop Kills Driver


BREAKING: Minnesota Cop Kills Driver, Girlfriend Facebook Live Streams His Last Moments (UPDATED)

Another July evening in America has been ruined by police shedding blood over a broken tail light, a man’s life ended too soon in the tragic video below, Facebook live streamed from his car.

“Stay with me,” said Lavish Reynolds onto Facebook Live video, “We got pulled over for a busted tail light in the back. And the police… they just killed my boyfriend”

Her four year old daughter was in the car too.

A Minnesota police officer appeared at the window moments later.

“FUCK!!!” yelled the St. Anthony Police officer through the window.

“He just shot his arm off,” said Reynolds to the camera.

“I told him not to reach for it,” the frazzled Minnesota cop yelled, “I told him to get hands up!”

“You told him to get his id,” said Reynolds, “his driver’s license. Oh my lord, I hope he’s not dead, I hope he didn’t go like that.”

Lavish Reynolds broadcast that message from the back of a Minnesota police car with her daughter onto Facebook Live just an hour ago in a 9 minute video that’s going viral.

Reynolds’ boyfriend was a St. Paul County public schools employee, driving an unusual right-side drive car through the intersection of Larpenteur and Fry Street through the town of Roseville which is between Minneapolis and northwest of St. Paul, and policed by the St. Anthony Police Department, which has dreadful ratings on Facebook.

She could be heard wailing that he was a good man with no record.

Reynolds later described the Minnesota cop as, “a ‘Chinese’ police officer five foot, five (inches) to five, six and a half, a heavy set guy,” thought to be Officer Kiel Rushton according to PINAC News investigator Felipe Hemming.

Presumably, that same Minnesota officer can be heard yelling “Fuck” in the background frequently during the first five minutes, after Reynolds exited the vehicle and her phone was tossed aside but still recording audio.

Lavish Reynolds’ daughter can be heard offering to bring her mother’s purse to her too.

St. Anthony police detained Lavish Reynolds after the shooting for no apparent reason seen on video.

While in the back of the police car, she told the whole story again:

“They shot my boyfriend for no apparent reason. They shot him, they shot him three times because he had a busted tail light. He asked him for license and registration. He told them that, man, it was in his wallet, but he’s got a pistol on him because he’s licensed to carry. And the officer told him don’t move, and as he was putting his hands back up, the officer shot him in his arm about four, five times.”

Nine gut wrenching minutes later, the video ended as Reynolds repeated herself on the phone.

“The Roseville police department just shot my boyfriend. They shot him four times. He’s licensed to carry. We had a busted tail light, and we had some weed in the car, that’s about it.”

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