British police arrest women for asking for their badge numbers

Carlos Miller

Two British women were jailed for four days after photographing police and asking for their badge numbers.

They were charged with obstructing a police officer but those charges were later dropped. Now the arresting officers are under investigation.

The irony is that police were recording the entire incident themselves. And now it may come back to bite them in their cheeky asses.

Check out the video here.

That incident is just the latest to emerge from the United Kingdom this week in which War on Photography has been doing a good job of documenting.

Here are the other incidents:

  • British School Bans Parents From Making Memories – A school in Britian forbids parents from taking photos of their children during “Sports Day”, which is evidently some type of event where kids engage in the types of activities a parent might just want to document.
  • Warning to Tourists Visiting Great Britain –  We all know that photographing police in the U.K. is equivalent to an act of terrorism but now we learn that British authorities maintain a secret list of locations where photographers are subject to arrest if they dare take pictures in those locations. The government refuses to reveal these locations, making it a crap shoot for photographers.
  • British Police Community Support Officer Insults Photographer – A photographer who was carrying two digital SLR cameras was accused by police of being a “child photographing pervert” because they believed that perverts use D-SLRs while normal people use point and shoots and cell phone cameras. Obviously, they haven’t heard of the upskirting cell phone perverts.

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