Bullied Student Files Internal Affairs Report Against Lying

Bullied high school kid files internal affairs complaint
Bullied high school kid files internal affairs complaint


Carlos Miller

Bullied Student Files Internal Affairs Report Against Lying, Mocking Cop as Dad Records

The 14-year-old kid who was suspended for school last week after a deputy accused him of “instigating” a fight, even though a video shows him trying his best to walk away from the bully trying to instigate the fight, filed an internal affairs complaints against the school resources deputy, hoping to get him transferred.

And Kobe Nelson’s dad, Tommy Purvis, insisted on recording the conversation with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s internal affairs investigator this week, despite the investigator’s initial reluctance.

The interview can be heard in the above video after the intro that includes the bullying, which many of you saw early this week. Kobe confirms everything that we saw in the video before going into the parts that we didn’t see, including being taken to the assistant principal’s office by deputy Louis Ortiz.

As Kobe tried to explain the assistant principal what had taken place, Ortiz walked in and began mocking him, telling him he needed to bulk up so he wouldn’t get pushed around.

He also mocked him for some of the things he was saying, as you will hear, coming across like an immature high school student instead of a uniformed deputy paid to protect these students.

After Etiwanda High School Assistant Principal Gayle Ross decided to suspend Nelson for two days, simply going on the words of Ortiz, not even bothering to speak to witnesses or see the videos, Ortiz threatened to arrest him if he did not leave and threatened to have him arrested if he returned during the following two days.

Purvis says he won’t bring his son back to school unless Ortiz is yanked to another beat, hopefully not at another school or anywhere else where he has to deal with the public, because he obviously doesn’t have what it takes.

Hopefully, somebody can take a photo of him before he gets pulled, if that actually happens, so we can keep track of his future whereabouts.

Purvis, who has since been interviewed by two local television stations, has been providing the following statement to news companies:

“Kobe has been the recipient of overwhelming support from across the country since the video and his story were made public on the website PINAC. As his father, I would like to believe that Kobe did not fight back because I’ve made the effort to teach him that the best way to push back against injustice is not through physical force. I’ve never been more proud of his actions. My wife and I cannot return Kobe to Etiwanda until the suspension is expunged from his record and Deputy Ortiz is taken off the public school beat. Even then, I still have significant concerns for his safety, and I have even deeper concerns for those in charge of his learning environment.”

Call the San Bernardino sheriff’s office in Rancho Cucamonga to discuss this story: (909) 477-2800.


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