CA Cop Caught in Chaotic Video Wrestling with Teen for Jaywalking

Carlos Miller

California Cop Caught in Chaotic Video Wrestling with Teen for Jaywalking (Updated)

A California cop, who tried to detain a high school student for jaywalking, ended up wrestling with him for more than two minutes as the teen’s friend recorded, landing both of them in jail.

The incident took place Wednesday in Fresno near First and Barstow outside Hoover High School when a student known on Facebook as “KC” tried to cross a street, only for a cop to grab him and accuse him of jaywalking.

The video, posted to Facebook where it is quickly going viral, begins as the Fresno police officer is struggling with the teen, grabbing him by his backpack, spinning him around and ordering him to sit down.

“I used the crosswalk like you said,” the teen repeatedly tells the cop.

According to the Facebook description:

On our first day of senior year my boii KC was about to cross the street, but he J walked, so this cop from Fresno PD started disrespecting him and grabbing him for jus j walking. Then after they arrest KC, they arrested my nigga Johnny too for recording. I didn’t wanna start senior year off like this but fuck it shit happens. Fuck the cops for this smh. I even had a couple blunts rolled for us but this shii happened so I had to face the blunts lol. But now they Tryna charge KC wit resistance and battery on an officer smh😢👎🏽

The student is refusing to sit down, telling them the cop to let him go. The student recording the altercation was also ordering the cop to let his friend go.

A minute-and-a-half into the video, the cop finally manages to take the student down where he keeps him in a headlock on the asphalt as the student says he can’t breathe.

Then a motorcycle cop pulls up and knocks the videographer back.

Once that first student is restrained, they come after the teen with the camera and the video goes dead. KC was apparently charged with resisting and battery on an officer and the videographer was likely charged with resisting or as they call it in California, PC 148, the catch-all contempt of cop charge.

UPDATE: Fresno police say the officer confronted the teen after the teen not only ignored warnings not to cross against the light, but smiled at the officer after crossing.

The student recorded was arrested because he ran away.

Fresno police now say they are investigating to see if the cop escalated the situation.

Also, the cop was wearing a body camera, so that should more light if they ever decide to release the footage.


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