CA Cops Shoot Unarmed Man, then Confiscate Phones from Witnesses

Carlos Miller

California Cops Shoot Unarmed Man, then Confiscate Phones from Witnesses who Recorded Incident (Updated II)

California cops responded to a call of a man acting “erratically” Tuesday, only for him not to “comply,” which was when they shot him several times.

Witnesses say El Cajon police then confiscated phones from citizens who recorded the incident, a claim they later denied, insisting the citizens voluntarily gave them the phones.

The man has been identified as Alfred Olango and he was unarmed and apparently having a seizure, which was when his sister called police for help, according to witnesses.

“I called you to help me but you killed my brother,” the woman says in a video that can be seen here as well as below.

“Why couldn’t you guys tase him? Why why why why?”

Another video recorded by local media and posted below shows witnesses saying the man was unarmed and had his arms outstretched to his sides when he was shot several times.

According to NBC San Diego:

Witnesses at local businesses detailed some of what they witnessed Tuesday afternoon.
Maria, an employee at Los Panchos in El Cajon, said she was working when she saw and heard the shooting.
She said police came into the restaurant and took all all phones from employees after the shooting and told employees not to talk to anyone, according to Maria.
One of her coworkers captured video of the shooting, but her cell phone was confiscated by police, Maria said.

It is illegal for police to confiscate phones without a warrant or subpoena unless there are exigent circumstances, according to the United States Department of Justice, which would be if the officer has a strong suspicion that the witness is going to destroy the footage.

But history shows it is police who destroy footage after they confiscate it from witnesses, not the other way around.

Police say they transported the man to a hospital, so he apparently is still alive at this time.

Here is a video of a police spokesman explaining why they had to shoot him. He also says the witness “voluntarily” handed the phone over to police after signing a consent to search form, which contradicts what witnesses told the media.

When asked if the victim was armed, the spokesman said he cannot answer that question because the shooting is still under investigation, which means he was not armed because they would not withhold that information otherwise.

He also said the cops were not wearing body cameras.

UPDATE: Alfred Olango has died, becoming the 855th person to be killed by police this year, an average of 3.1 people a day. El Cajon police acknowledge that Olango was unarmed but claim that he was holding an “object” while taking a two-hand holding stance, which, of course, gave them the license to kill him.

Witnesses say Olango was pleading “don’t shoot” before they shot.

Witnesses also say police confiscated phones that recorded the incident, but police are claiming they were handed over “voluntarily.” And from the video off that phone, they released a single frame they hope will bolster their narrative.

But that just tells us that they have much to hide because they would gladly release the entire video if it supported their narrative, not just a single frame that really does not determine anything.

Police have not said what the object was in Olango’s hands, but one witness says it was a vape electronic smoking device.

And while witnesses say Olango had his arms out to his side, police are claiming on Twitter that he did not have his hands in the air, which, of course, is not contradicting that he did not have his arms up to his side, but they are spinning the shit out of this.

“The truth will come out,” police said in a press conference posted below, which is police translation that they are still doctoring the truth.

Meanwhile, the ACLU released a statement “there are disturbing reports from a number of witnesses that police officers confiscated cell phones from people who witnessed the shooting.”

UPDATE II: One of the two cops involved in the shooting has been identified as Richard Gonsalves, who has been able to keep his job despite having been sued twice for sexual harassment, including texting photos of his penis to female colleagues.


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