CA Cops Tow Car with Occupants After Driver Refuses to Roll Window

Carlos Miller

California Cops Tow Car with Occupants Inside After Driver Refuses to Roll Window More Than Three-Quarters Down

California police were not satisfied that a man driving through a DUI checkpoint had rolled his window three-quarters of the way down and handed them his drivers license.

No, they wanted the window rolled all the way down, so when he refused, they ordered a tow truck driver to latch on to the car and drive it away from the video of the men recording the stop – while the occupants remained inside – then had the driver use a slim jim to open the driver’s door.

The driver was then arrested on unknown charges, even though he showed no signs of impairment.

The incident took place Sunday in Hawthorne in Los Angeles County and the video was recorded by Onus News Service, who said there is no law in California requiring drivers to roll their windows all the way down.

The driver, who is not named, initially handed his license to a California Highway Patrol officer, which was when he rolled the window three-quarters of a way down.

When the driver refused to roll it all the way down, the CHP officer called over Hawthorne Police Lieutenant Ty Goetz, who accused the driver of not complying with “the rules of the checkpoint.”

Onus News Service posted another video last year showing Lieutenant Goetz telling him that the law requires drivers to perform field sobriety tests as they drive through checkpoints.

Onus News Service told the lieutenant that there is no law in California that requires drivers to submit to these tests, an assertion that went unchallenged by the officer.

“Can you cite the law that requires them,” the journalist asked.

“Nope,” the lieutenant said, shaking his head.

“No, because there is no law,” the journalist responded.

“Go ahead and tell them not to cooperate but I guarantee you it will end up bad,” Goetz responded, adding that the driver will end up in jail for refusing to comply with his unlawful orders.

This is how Onus News Service worded it on his video:

Not only does he say motorists are required by law to take FST’s, but he also admits to not informing motorists of their right to refuse tests. California law MANDATES that police inform motorists that pre arrest breathalyzers are option.
23612 CVC
(i) If the officer decides to use a preliminary alcohol screening
test, the officer shall advise the person that he or she is
requesting that person to take a preliminary alcohol screening test
to assist the officer in determining if that person is under the
influence of alcohol or drugs, or a combination of alcohol and drugs.
The person’s obligation to submit to a blood, breath, or urine test,
as required by this section, for the purpose of determining the
alcohol or drug content of that person’s blood, is not satisfied by
the person submitting to a preliminary alcohol screening test. The
officer shall advise the person of that fact and of the person’s
right to refuse to take the preliminary alcohol screening test.

Below are three videos, including the one from Sunday as well as two previous videos where Lieutenant Goetz says all drivers must comply with all orders under all circumstances.

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