California Cops Arrest Man for Biking on Sidewalk,

Carlos Miller

California Cops Arrest Man for Biking on Sidewalk, Videographer for Recording Arrest.

A pint-sized California cop was so determined to cite a man for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk that she attempted to tackle the man when he refused to provide his identification, telling her he had done nothing illegal.

The man resisted at first, not violently, and then placed his hands behind his back when the Merced police officer ordered him to do so, allowing the officer who was half his size to handcuff him.

That was when a male Merced officer came rushing in, grabbing the man’s neck with his gloved hands, shoving the man against a glass door, then ordering to “turn around” when it was physically impossible for him to turn around.

The male cop continued to escalate the situation even after the man was handcuffed, forcing him down on the ground, then kicking his legs from beneath him.

The incident was being recorded by a witness who was trying to get all parties to deescalate the situation, which, of course, meant he was assaulted and arrested for recording by what appears to be a third cop rushing onto the scene.

The video was posted to YouTube on May 3. According to the description:

Merced Police give citation for man riding his bike on the sidewalk. Then kicked while handcuffed, followed by @Officialbrycealan being tackled after listening to the officer. Resulting in misdamenior for the recorder.The indiviual in this video was charged a felony and two misdaminiors, the film recorder of this video was also charged with a misdaminior for resisting, delaying, or disrupting a public officer.As ordered in the video the recorder was ordered to step back. The filmer procceded to follow officer’s request,

Judging by the Instagram usernames left in the description, the videographer is named Bryce Alan and the man on the bike is Marquez Harris, who also happens to be the name of a man who once played football for the local college, but that man is listed at 245 pounds, which is much heavier than the man on the bicycle appears.

Alan is being charged with Penal Code 148, which is California’s contempt of cop law, which alleges that he was resisting, delaying, or disrupting a public officer.

That charge is more appropriate for the guy on the bicycle, who received two misdemeanors and one felony charge, which means they are probably accusing him of assaulting the officer, but that does not appear to be the case.


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