California Cops Caught on Video Beating Non-Resisting Man (Updated)

Carlos Miller

California Cops Caught on Video Beating Non-Resisting Man (Updated)

A video surfaced on Facebook Thursday showing a pair of Stockton police officers wrestling a man down to the ground while one of them beats his legs with a baton.

The video begins in mid-action so it’s not clear at this time what took place beforehand, but an off-camera voice yells out “stop resisting” as the California cops also tell him to stop resisting, but that is normal procedure for cops whether or not the suspect is resisting.

But whether or not this man was fighting with the cops beforehand, the video shows he is not actively resisting as they beat and wrestle him down to the ground before piling on top of him with one cop ordering him to “put your arms behind your back.”

But the man yells, “I can’t, he’s on it,” referring to the other cop who appears to have a knee on his arm.

Meanwhile, a woman who is sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked car is also telling him to stop resisting, but considering the man is underneath the two cops telling him to stop resisting, it does not appear she is actually seeing any resisting, only hearing the cops telling him to stop resisting.

The cop continues to tell him to put his arms behind his back while the man repeatedly tells him he is physically unable to do so because his arms are pinned by the other cop.

More cops arrive and the beating eventually stops and a voice can be heard saying they have video, so apparently there might be more footage out there, but we have not come across it yet.

We are working on getting more details on this incident so please come back later for updates.

Local media in Stockton is reporting there were four shootings, including two fatal, that took place Thursday, but at this time, this incident does not appear to be connected to those shootings.

UPDATE: Stockton police responded to a query from PINAC, stating that man in the video, Donovan Saari, 25, was arrested on weapons charges. In fact, they posted about the incident on their Facebook page on Wednesday, a day after the arrest was made.

On that Facebook post, they said “the driver was arrested without incident.”


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