California Cops Watch and Do Nothing as Cop Watcher

Carlos Miller

California Cops Watch and Do Nothing as Cop Watcher Gets Assaulted by Cop Sucker

A California man with a camera walked up to a pair of illegally parked Bakersfield cops Halloween night, demanding their names and badge numbers, asking what would they do if he had been parking there.

Neither replied as the cop in the drivers seat rolled up his window while Lazaro Lopez continued badgering them with questions.

But then a drunken hero named Ramsey stepped in; a whiny, slurring man who was walking by, telling Lopez to “quit being such a little bitch.”

“These people are fucking protecting you,” Ramsey told him, getting into Lopez’s face.

Less than a minute later, Ramsey would shove him in the chest, smacking the camera out of Lopez’s hands

The cops, who had front row seats to the incident, did nothing.

So no, Ramsey, they are not “fucking protecting” him at all.

At least not from drunken assholes like yourself, who not only can’t handle your booze, but think you are above the law because you are in the military.

“What do you do for this country? Ramsey demanded to know from Lopez. “I’m in the United States Army, motherfucker!”

Ramsey’s female companion , who had much more sense than him, tried calming him down.

“Ramsey, stop, stop, stop,” she said, stepping in front of him. “Ramsey, let’s go.”

Lopez tried to explain his anger towards the cops.

“These people murder us, they steal from us, they hold us at gunpoint,” Lopez told him.

“You murder yourselves, dumb ass,” Ramsey shouted, another blind follower of the comply or die mantra of modern-day policing.

“I hate these motherfuckers!” Ramsey yelled, continuing his tantrum. “I hate you!”

“That’s ok,” Lopez told him.

Ramsey then walked up to the cops to show his support, offering them a hero-to-hero handshake.

“If he would have asked for your names and badge numbers, would you have given it to them?” Lopez asked the cops.

“Probably because I’m respectful,” Ramsey said shoving him and knocking the camera out of his hands at 3:00 into the video.

“You watched that happen,” Lopez told the cops. “What’s your name and badge number?”

He never got their names and badge numbers but he did prove his point.

That not only did these California cops believe they were above the law, they were not too interested in protecting him.


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