California Deputies Caught on Camera Repeatedly Suspect With Batons

Carlos Miller

California Deputies Caught on Camera Repeatedly Beating Suspect With Batons.

A high-speed chase through city streets, bridges and freeways ended on a narrow San Francisco street where Alameda County sheriff’s deputies proceeded to repeatedly strike the suspect with batons before handcuffing him.

The incident, which took place early Thursday morning, was captured on a street surveillance camera, sparking an investigation on the pair of deputies, whose names have not been released.

The suspect is Stanislav Petrov, who deputies say was driving a stolen 2015 Mercedes Benz, when they tried to pull him over, prompting him to ram a patrol car and strike a deputy.

The Alameda Sheriff’s Office said the pursuit, which began in Oakland, lasting almost 40 minutes and reaching speeds of 100 mph, ended when Petrov crashed into a parked car and got out of the car running.

The video begins with Petrov running into the street with deputies chasing him.

One of the deputies tackles him, then begins punching him, as the other deputy runs up and starts beating him with a baton, prompting the first deputy to start beating him with a baton as well.

Petrov, who is laying on the ground, then lifts himself up on his hands and knees, prompting a deputy to yell, “get on the fucking ground,” which he does as the beating continues.

The beating eventually stops as more cops pull onto the street in patrol cars where they surround him

Deputies said they found a loaded gun in the stolen car.

The video was released by the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office on Friday, who issued the following statement:

“You see a shocking and brutal attack on a man that appears not to be resisting,” said Tamara Aparton, a public defender’s office spokeswoman. “It’s dismaying to see him lying there bleeding and calling for help and not getting it for a while.”

Petrov was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, felony evading police, felony hit and run and weapons charges for having a loaded gun. Police said he had multiple felony warrants for his arrest at the time of the chase, according to the Daily Democrat.


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