California Police Release Body Cam Video in Shooting Death of Dylan

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UPDATE: The body cam footage showing Fresno police shooting and killing Dylan Noble

Was just released and it’s not pretty, showing the cops pull him over at gunpoint, ordering him to show him his hands.

It appears as if one hand wasn’t visible so they shot him. And when he fell to the ground and clutched his chest in the area where he had been shot, they shot him again because he would not spread his arms to his side.

And when he continued clutching his chest, they shot him again.

There was nothing indicating he was the man walking down the street wearing camouflage carrying a rifle.

According to the Fresno Bee:

The Fresno Police Department released body camera video Wednesday showing Dylan Noble repeatedly ignoring officers demands that he stop moving back and forth at a gas station parking lot and show his hands before officers fired their weapons.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the investigation into the shooting is still under way, and he has not made a decision whether it was justified. But he said he wanted to release the video so the public could see a more complete picture of what the officers saw as they confronted Noble and had to make decisions in mere seconds.

In releasing the video, Dyer appealed for calm from the community, saying tensions are high in the community and around the nation over police shootings, and one spark could ignite a forest fire.

“I am praying this video doesn’t serve as that spark in this community,” Dyer said.

He should pray it does not serve as a spark in the nation because this was murder.



California police were looking for a man in camouflage walking down the street carrying a rifle when they decided to pull over a man in a truck who was not wearing camouflage and not carrying a rifle.

An unarmed man named Dylan Noble whom Fresno police shot and killed anyway.

Today, after viewing body cam footage of the shooting, Noble’s family filed a claim to sue the Fresno Police Department, stating that they had no justifiable reason to shoot the 19-year-old man on June 25.

California law requires citizens to file a tort claim before filing the actual lawsuit to give the government entity a chance to settle.

Fresno police claim Noble reached for his waistband, causing them to fear for their lives. They also claim he said, “I hate my life,” as if that’s supposed to justify them taking his life.

But the attorneys who viewed the video – which has not been released – says Noble stepped out of his vehicle with his hands in the air before he was shot repeatedly by two officers.

In fact, one cop shot him twice from about ten feet away, causing Noble to fall to the ground. That same cop waited about 30 seconds before walking up to Noble and shooting him again.

Then, after 15 seconds, another officer walked up to Noble with a shotgun and finished him off, according to the claim, which you can read here.

But this is how police describe the incident, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Officers at the scene had warned Noble not to reach into his waistband, believing he may have a gun, but Noble twice reached under his shirt for his waistband, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

Fearing for their lives, one of the officers fired two shots, then a third. Another officer fired the fourth shot.

Police initially responded to a report of a man walking with a rifle about 3:20 p.m. and saw a black pickup speeding. Police tried to stop the truck, but it drove for about half a mile before pulling into a gas station.

Lt. Burke Farrah said Noble did not show his hands, then tried to hide one hand behind his back. Despite officers’ orders to show his hands and drop to the ground, he did not comply. After telling police that he “hated his life,” he approached officers, who opened fire.

While prosecutors say they won’t release the body cam footage until the investigation is complete, which can take two months, a witness to the shooting posted a video capturing the tail end of the shooting.

The video, however, is obstructed, shot from across the street as police kill Noble on the other side of his truck.

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