California Police Release Body Camera Footage of Police Shooting

Nathan Dimoff

The Napa Police Department released video of a police foot chase resulting in a cop shooting a man.

The Napa Police Department last week released body camera footage of one of their officers shooting a man after a foot pursuit.

The video, posted above, does not show the actual shooting because the video goes black during the struggle but it does capture audio.

"Fuck you, dude," were David Alejandro Molina's final words before the cop shot him several times.

Police say Molina, 27, was suspected of assaulting his girlfriend with a handgun.

According to the 911 call, Molina was carrying his handgun in his waistband after he fled the scene.

Three patrol units were dispatched to the scene. Napa police officer Christopher Simas, a two-year veteran, was the first to respond.

Simas arrived on scene at 1:50 a.m., driving up to Molina who was riding a skateboard, sparking a foot chase through several years.

Simas repeatedly tells Molina to place his hands in the air and to "get on the ground" but Molina is defiant, calling the cop profane names, telling him to leave him alone.

"Put your hands up. Someone said you have a gun. Put your hands up. Put your hands up," Simas says.

"Don't point that shit at me, dude," Molina responds as he walks to the side with his hands up in the air.

Seconds later, Molina runs away, resulting in a foot chase that lasts only a few minutes.

Simas finds Molina hiding in a bush and asks him if he has a gun.

"Do you have a gun or not?"

"No dude."

"Then put your hands up. Just put 'em up."

"Who the fuck told you what, dude?"

The officer proceeds to detain Molina as he continues not to follow the his orders.

Moments before the first round of shots Simas tells Molina to put his hands behind his back, which Molina responds asking, "or what?" over and again.

Simas was able to get one hand handcuffed during the scuffle.

Napa police Chief Robert Plummer stated the first round of shots were done by Molina as he grabbed the officer's rifle, according to KTVU.

Those shots were fired at the 11:53 mark in the video. The fatal shots were fired at 12:15 in the video.

The entire interaction lasted 16 minutes and Molina was pronounced dead at the scene.

When the scene was searched, police found a fully loaded .38-special revolver 75 feet away from where the shooting happened.

Napa Chief Plummer held a news conference showing an edited version of the body camera footage and showed a step by step process of the interaction by location.

In the previous days, according to witnesses, Molina was both suicidal and homicidal, according to Patch.

When officers searched Molina's residence they found two more guns.

Simas is currently on administrative leave.

Photography Is Not A Crime has included the full video that Chief Plummer released.

This is not the first time that Napa Police Department has been involved in a police involved shooting.

Earlier this year, Napa Police shot a man before taking him into custody after he reported that he found a gun at a park.

Last year, Napa police shot a suspect in a vehicle that was suspected of being involved in a shooting, resulting in the suspect dying.

Last year, two officers were cleared in a shooting that involved the department responding to a stabbing.

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“sparking a foot chase through several years.” It’s the 21st, man, but we still proofread in journalism, and with electronic publication, once errors have been noticed, professional journalists fix them. Others, ...


Why do you always make it a point to mention that the 'suspect' owned guns? Most Americans own guns. Not strange. Wait! He was black. Guess he is not allowed to own guns. Gun was found 75 feet from killing. How did it get so far away?

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