California Probation Officer Rapes Woman While Restrained,


California Probation Officer Rapes Woman While Restrained, Fondles Two Others, Court Records State

Three California women- including one shattered victim, who spoke out to the media – have filed suit against a California Probation Officer who already admitted probable cause in criminal court for one felony count and two misdemeanor counts of sexual assault.

Now his victims have filed civil suit.

Kern County Probation Officer Reyes Soberon Jr. waived his right to a probable cause hearing on March 28th, 2016 according to court transcripts- which you can see below- that assure he will face trial for victimizing 44-year old Kim Adams and two Jane Does.

“He would put his heavy body against me and hold my arm,” Kim Adams said, tears clouding her eyes as she spoke about the California Probation Officer accused of sexual molesting her, “and shove his tongue in my mouth.”

“I believe he used his power and his authority to do this to me constantly.”

Soberon sent numerous text messages to Adams calling her “sexy mamacita” and “baby doll,” and exceeding his authority to contact the probationers in violation of department rules too.

But Kern County has known about the criminal matter for months, and not only have they not informed the public, according to the complaint filed by the three victims’ lawyer Ben Miesalas, from the Geragos Law Firm in Los Angeles:

There is currently a criminal case pending against Probation Officer Soberon in Kern County Superior Court (People v. Soberon, Case No. BF162579A) for sexually assaulting Kim Adams, and at least two other DOE victims, yet the Kern County Probation Department and Kern County District Attorney’s Office have held no press conferences and have issued no public statements regarding this serial molester within their ranks.

Soberon was formally arrested and charged in December 2015.

“When I was put on probation, I was punished triple,” said Kim Adams about being victimized while on probation for burglary,
“One hundred times over.”

The Kern County Probation Department released a short statement saying that they’d “fully investigate,” but is still keeping Officer Soberon on paid vacation today.

Officer Reyes Soberon Jr. has been on paid vacation since June 2015 when Kern County learned of the complaint.

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