Canadian Cop Caught on Video Running Over Dog Twice Before Shooting It

Carlos Miller

Canadian Cop Caught on Video Running Over Dog Twice Before Shooting It

Not to be outdone by their southern counterparts, a cop in Canada was caught on video running over a dog in a residential neighborhood, then circling around, accelerating and running over it again as the dog let out a chilling yelp.

But the dog managed to survive and remained groggily limping around the street, which was when the cop stepped out of his car and shot it dead.

The incident took place Monday night in Collingwood. The woman who recorded the video posted it on Facebook where it went viral, generating outrage and criticism.

Ontario Provincial Police tried to justify the incident by claiming the cop thought the dog was a coyote, which were reportedly killing pets in the neighborhood.

But it was actually somebody’s pet.

However, police then claimed the dog was “rabid” and “aggressive,” so they were only trying to keep the neighborhood safe.

“Due to the danger this animal posed to both people and other animals and for the safety of the community Police had to put down this animal,” said OPP spokesperson Const. Mark Kinney told Canada Journal.

But the dog they killed was a 21-year-old deaf and blind dog that resembled a coyote and had apparently escaped from its yard through a gate that was nudged open by the weather. A German Shepard/Australian cattle dog mix named Merrick, according to City News.

Prior to the video capturing the cop running it over twice, the cop had already run it over once, prompting a woman to start recording.

The woman was also under the impression that it was a coyote. And other neighbors as well, which is why they called police.

When police arrived, they apparently became suspicious because the dog was not afraid of them.

According to CTV News:

The dog was killed Monday night, after residents alerted authorities that there was a “coyote” in the neighbourhood. When Ontario Provincial Police arrived, the animal approached the officers’ cruiser.
“It just kept hanging around and it wasn’t afraid of the vehicle at all, of anything. It was just lurking around looking at the vehicle,” resident Kelly O’Neill told CTV Barrie on Tuesday. “It wasn’t afraid at all.”
Instead of capturing the animal, which residents believed to be a coyote, O’Neill said the police cruiser ran over it several times. One of the officers then got out of the car and shot it.
On Wednesday morning, OPP confirmed the animal was a dog, not a coyote.

Police assured the public that they “remain committed to destruction of wildlife that is an imminent threat to public safety.”

The name of the officer has not been released.

On Tuesday, a South Florida cop was caught on video killing a 40-pound dog that had rushed the officer, causing the cop to fear for his life.


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