Caught On Camera: Body Worn Camera Captures Texas College


Caught On Camera: Body Worn Camera Captures Texas College Cop’s Race Driven Deeds

If not for the amazing work by local media outlet KSAT 12 (ABC), former University of Texas San Antonio Campus Police Officer Sean Callahan would still be on the job terrorizing and two of his supervisor would still have their positions, but happily that is not the case.

All this stems from a February 14th, 2017 incident where a young man accidentally shot himself while handling a firearm, as a result it seems every cop in town showed up to this incident and they apparently needed something to do, so they started wandering around knocking on doors at 11:30 PM. Not having any luck finding whatever they were looking for they came across an identified person who voluntarily directed the pack of officers to the residence of 23-year-old Jonathan Richardson.

Mind you it was not,” hey go check those fellows out they may have done something, “instead it’s something like “A bunch of ghettos over there,” then a voice can be heard describing the residence as a “Trap House” when a female officer can be heard questioning the term, when another officer comment about not being from the ghetto. Callahan knocks on the door, Richardson answers and immediately puts his hands in the air, when his pants start to slip down, he moves to pull them up when Callahan throws him to the ground for moving. As if he has something wrong except be the person who he is and answering the door.

Here is “Raw” and complete video:

Richardson was unlawfully detained and suffered an attack from an armed assailant, that if he had not been a police officer he would be charged with a crime, but sadly that is not the case.

Incidents like this happen far too often and if not for Body Worn Cameras and the program of auditing officer’s interactions with the public this incident would have remained covered up.


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