Caught On Video: Atlanta Police Officer Relieved of Duty


Caught On Video: Atlanta Police Officer Relieved of Duty after Viral Video Shows him Punching Man in Face.

A video shared by the Facebook account of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta on June 23rd, 2017, shows a person in an Atlanta Police Department uniform punching a restrained man in the face and upper torso while he sits one top of him.All the while one of his co-workers hold the victim’s feet and another has his knee pressing down on the lower back with all his weight, also there is the fourth police officer that is simply standing there watching everything happen right at his feet.

All this force used to arrest a person who appears to be less than 150lbs and lying face down on a roadway median of dirt. Anyone who has been in a situation like this knows this is not a position of leverage or control. So what is it incompetence, lack of training or just another “Bad Apple” if you fall for that theory.

Hopefully, someone will share the information faster than the Public Records Process with the Atlanta Police Department. Any tips, leads or any sort of information please reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter

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Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

Fire and pull the creds of the "Badge Bully" punching cop... demote the two cops who are on top of the victim... and suspend for 1 month with NO pay the cop on-looker.

Cops Gone Rogue