Caught on Video, Choked to Death, and His Killer walks free


What started off with the victim John Hernandez being confronted by Terry Thompson who is the husband of a Harris County, Texas Deputy’s for urinating in public, turned in a murder by strangulation.

The initial confrontation and interaction was not captured on video, but according to the victim’s wife Hernandez was confronted by a Terry Thompson a man twice his size after he was seen urinating on the side of the Denny’s restaurant and when it was all over Hernandez lay unresponsive and his killer walked away without any issue at all, WHY??? Could it be the killer’s wife is a cop? And the Victim is a minority?

The video starts with the victim on the ground with his killer, on his back as his takes his last breaths, all the while bystanders are telling the person capturing the murder that it is illegal to do so, while they are physically attempting to block the cameras’ view



Cops Gone Rogue