Caught On Video: Off Duty Cop Attacks Teen for Walking on His Grass


Caught On Video: Off Duty Cop Attacks Teen for Walking on His Grass

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Lansing Illinois, an unidentified off-duty Lansing Policer Officer is caught on video holding a teenager on the ground while his hand is wrapped around the teen’s neck.

As the video runs the off-duty officer is heard bargaining with the teen claiming that if his friend sits down he will stop the attack, the teen can be heard struggling to breathe, while the teen’s friend documenting the attack can be heard is insiting that they have done nothing wrong and to stop choking his friend. The off-duty officer can also be heard telling the teen about teaching him a lesson about trespassing yet is seems that it is the off-duty police officer that needs the lesson, as simply cutting across someone’s yard without the property owner warning the accused, does not rise to the level of a crime. Not an infraction, misdemeanor nor a felony, not that police officers are required to actually now the laws they enforce.

As the video progresses a woman who is likely the ignorant officer’s spouse can be heard saying something, not really sure what is was, nor do I care as it was likely 100% wrong…..

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