Chicago Cop Plans on Suing Estate of Teen

Carlos Miller

Chicago Cop Plans on Suing Estate of Teen He Killed Because He was Left with Emotional Distress

The Chicago police officer who shot and killed a teenager wielding a baseball bat along with an innocent bystander last month plans to sue the teen’s estate because of the emotional distress he has suffered since killing them both.

Robert Rialmo, who has been on the force for three years, said he was in fear for his life when he killed Quintonio LeGrier the day after Christmas.

He also said he did not notice Bettie Jones behind the door of the two-story house.

Jones, 55, lived downstairs. LeGrier, 19, was visiting his parents from college, who lived upstairs.

His father, Antonio LeGrier, who owned the house and rented the downstairs flat to Jones, had called police, saying his son was having a mental episode and trying to break the bedroom down with the bat.

It has since been discovered that Quintonio also called 911 three times, asking for help, giving dispatchers the home address, but only referring to himself as “Q.”

As a result, he was hung up on.

Minutes later, Antonio LeGrier called police. He then called Jones to tell her to be on the lookout for police. It was around 4:20 a.m.

When Rialmo arrived, Jones apparently opened the door and Quintonio came running down the stairs with the bat. Rialmo opened fire, killing them both.

Both bodies were found inside the doorway in the hallway. Rialmo was said to have been standing on the curb, according to NBC Chicago.

LeGrier had been shot six times, including two graze wounds, as well as on the left side of his chest, lower left side of his back, right buttock and left arm. Jones was shot once in the heart.

The shooting left Rialmo distraught, leaving him no choice but to file a lawsuit.

According to WGN-TV:

The police officer who shot and killed teenager Quintonio LeGrier on the day after Christmas will sue LeGrier’s estate.
Officer Robert Rialmo answered a domestic disturbance call in West Garfield Park and wound up shooting LeGrier and a neighbor, he says, because LeGrier attacked him.
Rialmo’s attorney Joel Brodsky confirmed for WGN-TV this morning that he’ll file a civil suit against LeGrier’s estate in a couple of weeks, citing emotional distress and assault.

Rialmo’s planned lawsuit appears to be a defensive move against the lawsuits filed by the families of the victims. But maybe he figures he can end up owning the home where he killed the two.

In the video interview below, Antonio LeGrier said that after Rialmo shot both people, cops make no effort to try and save their lives.


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