Chicago Pol Arrest Muslim Woman Because of a “Brisk Pace” Walking

Carlos Miller

Chicago Police Arrest Muslim Woman Because She Was Walking at a “Brisk Pace” to Catch Train

It was the Fourth of July in 2015 and Americans were celebrating their independence from tyranny when a group of Chicago cops apprehended a Muslim woman from behind at a train station, tearing off her head scarf and veil before handcuffing and arresting her.

Chicago police claim Itemid “Angel” Al-Matar was displaying “suspicious behavior” because she was walking at “a brisk pace, in a determined manner.”

Al-Mater, who was observing Ramadan, said she was rushing to catch a train to make it home before sunset to break fast.

However, a surveillance video shows she was not walking any faster than any of the others climbing the stairs.

Besides, who doesn’t walk at a brisk pace when they’re trying to catch a train?

Chicago Cop Wears Upside American Flag On The Fourth Of July After Unlawfully Arresting A Muslim Woman In 2015.

But because she was dressed in Muslim religious garb, police suspected her of being a “lone wolf suicide bomber.”

After all, they claim, they were on high alert that Fourth of July weekend.

One of the cops can be seen at the end of the video wearing an upside down American flag on his shoulder as if celebrating his freedom to inflict tyranny on the people.

Al-Mater ended up jailed on several charges, including obstructing justice and reckless conduct, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Eleven months later, she was cleared of all charges and she is now suing, alleging excessive force, false arrest, unlawful search, malicious prosecution and a violation of her right to freedom of religious expression.

The suit cites Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s acknowledgment in December of a prevailing “code of silence” among police and claims the department’s failing to investigate and discipline officers is a contributing factor in Al-Matar’s incident.

Chicago police say they do no comment on pending litigation, which is an easy excuse to remain silent considering they are always in pending litigation.

Al-Mater, who moved from Saudi Arabia to the United States two years ago to learn English, said she did not dare leave her home on the Fourth of July this year.

After all, she did not want to relive the tyranny from the previous year.


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