Citizens Out Undercover Cops Infiltrating Anti-Police Brutality Protes

Carlos Miller

Citizens Out Undercover Cops Infiltrating Anti-Police Brutality Protest in Wisconsin

In an assertive and impressive power role reversal, citizens in Wisconsin outed a pair of undercover cops who were trying to blend in their anti-police brutality protest Tuesday afternoon.

The citizens walked up with cameras recording and asked to see their badges. One of them saying there was a law that required them to do it. Another one saying there was a rule.

We’re still researching the law part, but it’s probably a departmental policy. But it’s surprising they did not allow undercover cops to be exempt from that policy.

One cop did pull out his badge and stated his name, although I couldn’t really make it out, I am told it is Peter Grimyer III.

The other cop refused to show his badge or identify himself.

His name is Anthony Curtis. Or “AC” on the streets.

The citizens were protesting against a decision by the prosecutor not to charge a Madison cop named Matt Kenny for killing a 19-year-old man named Tony Robinson.

According to the New York Times:

Witnesses said that Mr. Robinson was shot after he assaulted at least two people and jumped in and out of traffic. According to the police, Officer Kenny forced his way into an apartment building after hearing an altercation, and Mr. Robinson punched him in the face. The police said Officer Kenny feared for his life and shot Mr. Robinson seven times.
At a news conference on Tuesday, the Dane County district attorney, Ismael Ozanne, said the shooting had been justified and that the officer would not face criminal charges.
Mr. Ozanne, who is biracial, said that he understood the issues of racial profiling and inequality. But he said that his decision was based on the facts presented to him, not on his emotions.

Hundreds of people took to the streets and many participated in a strike to protest against the decision. More than 20 were arrested.  Activists shared their photos and videos via Twitter and Instagram under the #blackoutwednesday hashtag.

The video was posted by Jennica Stein on Facebook.


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