Cleveland Transit Cop Attacks Woman for Pulling Out Phone to Record

Carlos Miller

Cleveland Transit Cop Attacks Woman for Pulling Out Phone to Record.

An Ohio woman who was attacked by a Cleveland transit cop after pulling out her phone to record his unprofessionalism Sunday learned the power of social media when she posted about her altercation on Facebook.

But she’s also learning the manipulative tactics of the Police PR Spin Machine.

Jessica Ferrato spared no details in her epic rant about the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority cop who first questioned her about her “bus pass,” then knocked her to the ground, shoved her face into the ground, placed his knee on her back and threatened to pepper spray her when she pulled out her phone to record. And this was she had already shown him the valid pass.

Ferrato described how her pants and underwear were pulled down and the contents of her purse were scattered about as the handcuffed the 39-year-old woman on a single charge of disorderly conduct.

Her Facebook post, which is reposted below, ended up getting shared more than 1,000 times as of this writing, coming to the attention of several local journalists, who began calling the Regional Transit Authority, seeking comment.

Their inquiries prompted a transit spokeswoman to issue an apology – not to Ferrato herself – but to the journalists, knowing they will mostly buy the spin and be more forgiving with their stories, not to mention citizens who follow their Facebook page, where they also posted a statement.

Spokeswoman Linda Krecic also gave the usual spiel about not being able to release the name of the cop or any more details until “the investigation is complete.”

She also said “a complete police report is not yet available” and that “surveillance video is still being obtained by Transit Police for their use in their investigation.”

In other words, the agency that spared no time in investigating a commuter to ensure she did have a valid pass before attacking her and stripping her naked in public is now going to take its sweet time in investigating itself.

So I got arrested tonight. I went to the CIFF closing party at around 9pm, had a complimentary glass of champagne and…
Posted by Jessica Ferrato on Sunday, March 29, 2015


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