Colorado Cops Drag Two Men Out of Car, Stop One From Recording

Carlos Miller

Colorado Cops Drag Two Men Out of Car, Stop One From Recording, Over Cracked Windshield

Colorado police pulled two men over for what appeared to be a routine traffic stop, but when the driver told them he did not have his drivers license on him, they pulled out a taser and ordered him to step out of the car to be frisked for weapons.

That was when his brother, Ryan Brown, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat, began recording with his phone, narrating the events as they developed in the incident that took place last month.

Colorado Springs police then began demanding his identification, telling him to “keep your hands where I can see them,” while a cop stands in the background appearing to point a taser or gun at him.

“My hands are visible. I have the recorder recording. My brother is being put in handcuffs. We were pulled over for no reason. He still has not identified why he pulled us over.
Now I’m being perceived as a threat because we’re being pulled over for absolutely reason.”

After they placed his brother in handcuffs, the cops then opened the side door and began pulling Ryan out of the car.

“Am I being placed under arrest? I’m still asking for the reason you pulled us over.”

Ryan managed to record the Colorado cops pulling him out, throwing him to the ground and pushing his head into the snow before the video ends.

Ryan said the cops pulled the phone out of his hands and turned it off, which would possibly have entitled him to civil damages up to $15,000 under a proposed bill making its way through the Colorado House.

The police report states police pulled them over because they had “very dark tints” in a “high crime area” as well as a cracked windshield and loud muffler.

But screen shots from their video doesn’t support the allegation of the very dark tints. The side windows are transparent and the driver’s side window appears to be slightly tinted, but nothing that would call for a traffic stop, unless the passengers happen to be “very dark.”

Or as they told KKTV News, very poor.

Ryan told us he thinks they were targeted because of their economic status. His brother was ticketed for no insurance, having a modified exhaust and cracked windshield.
Ryan was ticketed for resisting/interfering with a public official. He said he hopes the officers get reprimanded for their actions.

When KKTV News called Colorado Springs police for comment, they were given the old, “we can’t comment because it’s under investigation” blowoff.


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