Colorado Mom Calls Cops on Son for Warrants; Cops Show Up and Kill Him

Carlos Miller

Colorado Mom Calls Cops on Son for Warrants; Cops Show Up and Kill Him

A Colorado mom said she was trying to do the right thing when she called police on her son, telling them he had an outstanding felony warrant and informing them where they could arrest him.

Denver police showed up and killed him.

Now Tobi Ferguson is having second thoughts about calling police on her 21-year-old son, Michael Ferguson.

“I let them know that he was unarmed, I let them know that he was scared, I let them know that he would try to run,” Tobi Ferguson told The Denver Channel.

Denver police say they had to kill him because he reached for an officer’s gun during a struggle that took place in the middle of the street on August 31.

It is still not clear on exactly what charges he was wanted on, but the Denver Post stated the following.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation criminal records show Ferguson was wanted on a failure to appear warrant from the Denver Police Department. Ferguson has a prior conviction for misdemeanor theft and for parole violations from the state’s Division of Youth Corrections, records show.
Police did not elaborate on the the crimes Ferguson most recently was wanted on.

Tobi Ferguson called police after her son took a truck from her workplace and did not return it.

But she knew he was at her friend’s house with the truck, so she called the cops on him.

“My son was in trouble a little bit, I’m not defending my son in any way. We were trying to help him and bring him in safely,” she told the Denver Channel.

When police arrived at the home, he jumped out a back window and tried to escape.

Police say he also tried to steal a patrol car, but ended up wrestling with three cops in the middle of the street, which is when they say he tried to take one of their guns.


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