Cop Body Slams Woman, Knocking Her Out, Then Claims She is Faking It

Carlos Miller

WATCH: Florida Cop Body Slams Woman, Knocking Her Out, Then Claims She is Faking It (Updated)

A Florida mayor is saying we should not rush to judgment over a video that is going viral, showing a Cape Coral police officer running up to a drunk woman arguing with her boyfriend who had taken her keys, then grabbing her and throwing her to the ground.

But the video, recorded early Sunday morning outside of a bar, leaves much to judge the cop on.

In fact, he has since been placed on paid administrative leave, even though his name has not been released.

Not officially anyway, but we believe he is Captain Michael Torregrossa. Cape Coral police say they can’t confirm or deny it’s him, which is usually a sign that it is him.

The officer in the video appears to be wearing captain bars on his collar.

“Uncalled for, sir,” says the man recording as the woman ends up laying on the ground, not moving or speaking.

“Get her up, she’s sitting there faking it,” says the cop.

“I’m trying to get her home,” it sounds like her friend tells the cops. “I don’t want to do nothing with this.”

“We were right there, we could have helped,” the cop tells him, whose idea of helping is obviously a little warped.

“She’s out, dude,” says the man recording.

“She’s not out, she’s playing games,” says the cop.

The cop, joined by another man, possibly a bouncer, then lifts the woman up, who is now barely able to walk.

“You don’t throw women like that,” says another bystander. “I don’t care if you have a badge on, you don’t throw women like that.”

“You’re also going to get arrested,” the cop tells that man.

“I’m going to get arrested? For what?” the man asks.

The cop’s response is not very audible but he probably said interfering with an investigation, which is one of several contempt of cop charges used routinely by Florida cops.

Cape Coral Mayor Marni Sawicki told ABC7 that we should wait until the investigation is completed before we judge the officer, which could take up to 180 days.

UPDATE: We’ve updated this article to include, what we strongly believe, to be the name of the officer: Captain Michael Torregrossa.


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