Cop Investigated for Recording Brutal Rapes of Teen in Patrol Car Kills Himself

A Mississippi cop kills himself amid allegations he repeatedly raped a 15-year-old in the back of his cruiser.

A police officer in Mississippi under investigation after being accused of video recording himself repeatedly and violently sexually assaulting a minor in the back of his patrol car over the course of a six month period has killed himself with another officer's gun, police say.

His body was found inside of a white Dodge Charger, just one day after he was placed on administrative leave following a probe by his own department.

Jacksonville police officer James Hollins' body was discovered at 12:45 p.m. on Interstate 220 Monday — the same day police were scheduled to hold a press conference detailing the allegations against him.

Those allegations came to light after Jackson attorney Lisa Ross alerted local media about the sexual assault of her client over the weekend.

"He is supposed to protect the citizens of this city, especially women and children," she said during a press conference announcing the allegations.

Ross said the assaults started in January and took place in a hotel room and in the back of Hollins' patrol car while Hollins was on duty.

Sometimes, Hollins recorded the assaults, which is how Ross obtained video evidence of the crimes.

Ross, who is representing the victim, said the videos are extremely disturbing to watch.

"You wouldn't find anything worse on Pornhub," she said during a press conference, which can be seen above.

"We plan to ask the United States Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice to take over an investigation of a Jackson Police officer who has repeatedly sexually assaulted a minor," Ross said before Hollins' death was confirmed.

"What he did to this young girl was unconscionable and there's no telling how many others are out there," she added.

"We want people who have seen something to say something."

Ross said during the press conference that she reported the allegations to Jackson Police Chief James E. Davis, but that "Chief Davis didn't jump right out in front of this."

However, Jackson Mayor Chokewe Antar Lumumba said Chief Davis asked for permission to place Hollins on leave after presenting him with videos including Hollins and his victim.

Mayor Lumumba granted the chief permission.

Chief Davis then contacted the internal affairs and the department sent Hollins a letter informing him he would be placed on administrative leave.

Hollins signed the letter acknowledging administrative leave then disabled his Facebook page (Dkalan Taurus) over the weekend, according to Daily Mail.

Screenshots from Hollins Facebook show he was an Army veteran, who worked as a police officer and liked to take selfies.

Jackson Police Department spokesman Roderick Holmes said Chief Davis and the department were made aware of the allegations on Saturday.

Hollins was placed on administrative leave on Sunday.

Holmes said he did not know whether Hollins was asked to surrender his service weapon or if Hollins had been placed on paid leave, but said the department takes all matters involving assault "very seriously."

"All matters involving assault we take very seriously, We want the family to understand that if at any point in time, there's evidence of wrongdoing going on, we will not hesitate to take action," Holmes said at a press conference.

Hollins has been a police officer with JPD for less than five years, according to the Clarion Ledger.

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This is what a good cop looks like. All cops should follow this hero's lead and kill themselves.


Ahhh another good cop. They are really adding up lately.


A like all those 'tough guy' selfies these guys do. Yeah, that's going to get some woman to swoon with desire, isn't it.

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Toothbrush Bandit

and nothing of value was lost

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Fascist Slayer

I bet he shit is pants and ran from ISIS. Ha! Ha!! Americunts. Imagine the children probably he raped and murdered in Afghanistan.