Cop Suspended for Writing, 'Stop Lip Synching and Meet Violence with Violence.'

Ben Keller

A Texas cop set to take over as head of the Massachusetts Police Association was suspended for writing news columns.

The Texas police officer slated to be the future leader of the Massachusetts Police Association has been placed on paid leave by his department Tuesday for writing a newsletter to other cops advocating violence against people critical of police.

Arlington Police Lieutenant Rick Pedrini was suspended and placed on paid leave Tuesday after penning columns promoting violence against "social justice warriors."

"I am sick and tired of the social justice warriors telling us how to do our jobs," Lt. Pedrini wrote for "The Sentinal," the official publication of the Massachusetts police union.

"Let’s stop (sic) lipsynching, please! Let’s meet violence with violence and get the job done,"the lieutenant wrote in a letter mass distributed to other officers."

"It's time we forget about 'restraint', 'measured responses', 'procedural justice', 'de-escalation', 'stigma-reduction', and other feel-good BS that is getting our officers killed," Pedrini blithered.

In one of this three letters, which have since been retracted, Pedrini complained about a criminal justice system reform bill that eliminated mandatory minimum sentencing for drug dealing and upped the standard punishment for theft.

"If you haven't read it, the 'CJ Reform Bill' is 100 plus pages of blather and feel-good initiatives that will do nothing to put maggot criminals behind bars," he wrote.

Pedrini also made comments suggesting violence against the group of migrants en route to the U.S. border.

"Our soldiers are mixing it up with women and children who have been manipulated into thinking they can just show up here. Back on December 7th, 1941, a caravan of Japanese planes tried this in Hawaii," he wrote.

"We shot at them. Hell, we didn’t even suspend posse comitatus."

The Arlington Police Department didn't fire Pedrini over his statements, but promised an investigation.

"The columns written by Mr. Pedrini in the Sentinel newsletter directly contradict the values, morals and mission statement of the Arlington Police Department," Police Chief Frederick Ryan said.

"Such remarks risk eroding the public trust that municipal police departments in Massachusetts have worked so hard to build in recent years. I disavow the remarks in the strongest possible terms, and this matter will be dealt with swiftly and certainly."

The Massachusetts Police Association tweeted defending Pedrini, saying his comments were intended as satire meant to be read by law enforcement officers.

Executive Director of the ACLU of Massachusetts Carol Rose released her own statement about Pedrin's newsletter column.

"Law enforcement is meant to promote public safety and protect the peace," she said.

"These disturbing statements made by the Massachusetts Police Association's executive director raise the question: Do his views represent those of the MPA? Do Massachusetts police - as a group represented by the MPA - actually prefer violence to de-escalation,"she continued.

"Such deeply dangerous approaches to law enforcement have been proven time and again to be bad for both public safety and civil liberties. We urge the MPA and all members of law enforcement to reject this approach and to instead embrace community policing efforts that keep us safe and free."

The MPA has not said whether or not it still intends to appoint Pedrini its leader, according to Newsweek.


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