Cop who Handcuffed Senior Citizen for telling him to Shut Bathroom Door is Fired

Carlos Miller

The man has an artificial leg and was just trying to enjoy his lunch without having to inhale the bathroom smell.

The South Carolina cop who handcuffed a disabled 75-year-old man for telling him to shut the bathroom door when using it, then threatening to confiscate a camera from a witness, has been fired.

Belton police officer Thaddeus Shockley was fired on August 23, three days after local media reported on his confrontation with the senior citizen but news of his termination is just being reported today.

"We want our citizens treated well, treated fair and we won't tolerate anything less," Belton Mayor Wendell Page told the Greenville News.

The incident took place August 20 inside the Standpipe Family Restaurant as 75-year-old Bobby Ray Phillips was eating his lunch of grilled chicken, cabbage and cornbread when in walked in Shockley to use the restroom.

The cop proceeded to do his business with the door open. It has not been specified if the cop was just washing his hands or relieving himself but Phillips did not want to inhale the bathroom smell.

"You left that door open, I'm eating here. Leave that scent in there, right,"' Phillips recounted what he told the cop to local media.

The cop did not appreciate being told what to do and ended up handcuffing Phillips, then threatening to confiscate the phone a woman was using to record the confrontation.

“Ma’am, do I need to take that phone from you?" Phillips can be heard saying to Cindy Young in her 12-second video before she turns off her camera.

The cop continued to yank Phillips to stand up but it was difficult for him to do with an artificial leg. Plus, he wanted to finish his meal. Shockley then asked the restaurant to trespass the senior from the property but they refused as he is a regular.

Throughout the entire confrontation with Phillips, Shockley handcuffed him and removed the handcuffs a total of four times before issuing him a $257 citation for disorderly conduct. Phillips expects the citation to be dismissed but it is still pending.

Shockley was fired for violating departmental policy but police did not say which policy he violated. It is likely over how he threatened to confiscate the phone from the witness because the police chief described that as "problematic" before he was fired.

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Ohhhhh, don't defy their "authority."

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Chrome Dome

Well it’s really about time that they’ve done something morally right.😎


I hope this pig suffers a stroke


What about his Certification?

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