Cop who plays Good Cop on Instagram Caught on Video Beating Man in Botched Call

Cops in Ohio responded to a call of "shots fired" that turned out to be fireworks.

Columbus police officer Anthony Johnson likes to brag to his more than 80,000 followers on Instagram that he "grew up hating the police" as he posts videos of himself having positive interactions with children in the community.

But he showed a much different side of himself Friday when he attacked a man who was posing no threat or showing no aggression after dozens of cops raided a home responding to a call of "shots fired" that turned out to be nothing but fireworks being fired off in the neighborhood.

The family that was raided said they were not even the ones shooting off fireworks and that the only gun police found in the house with a BB gun that had not been used in years.

The video posted Friday to Facebook shows a young woman holding two children darting across the street in an attempt to get inside the house the police had raided.

It was obviously a dangerous move and she later said she was only trying to check on her nieces and nephews who were being held hostage inside the home by the cops who had no warrant.

As police made their way to stop her, her husband ran up and stood in front of her, allowing her to walk back to the sidewalk with the two children.

But one cop carrying a shotgun shoves, then punches the man who was showing no signs of aggression. That cop has been identified as Columbus police officer Anthony Johnson aka Officer AJ, former cop hater turned IG celebrity

This is how the wife of the man arrested explains it on Facebook.

Today was the worse. The police said they heard gun shots. So we got to check on our nieces and nephews who the police are holding hostage in the house. They say it was gun shots but it was only fireworks. So as I try to walk across they try to buck up on me and my husband tells them not to touch me that’s when the officer ends up pushing my husband.

My husband never touched him but he had the nerve to punch him pin him down and made all my brothers accept 1. I also got mased with my 1 year old in my hand and the police Pushed my cousin and he ended up dropping my daughter over that’s when my cousin stepped in and they assaulted him also. Please make this go viral. My husband is in jail for no reason only trying to protect his family. KEEP OUR BLACK MEN SAFE !!!!! - Jahanara Robinson- Jahanara Almalikat Robinson

The name of the man arrested is Jonathan Robinson. At least two other men were arrested as well.​

The video was recorded by Robinson's mother who was furious at how police treated her son so be aware there is some strong language in the unedited video which has more than 30,000 views at this time. Lots of screaming and cursing.

Here's another Facebook Live video recorded by the brother of the man arrested who goes into great detail of what took place. He said his family was not even the ones shooting off fireworks.

After the melee, several small children were allowed to walk out of the house that police had raided. Some were crying. Some may have even interacted with Officer AJ at some point. Check out his page below.

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Another Cop who showed what he is really like, just another cop who should be locked up for being a public Safety Threat!


He got what he deserved