Cop with history of spanking women against their will

Carlos Miller

Cop with history of spanking women against their will asking for leniency

Thomas Maroney was a Central Florida police sergeant when he was accused of stripping a woman against her will, fondling her genitals, bending her over his knee and spanking her repeatedly last year.

First he used his hand. Then he used his belt. When it was over, the 29-year-old woman said she could barely walk because her buttocks were riddled with welts.

Maroney, 35, was charged with attempted sexual battery, false imprisonment and battery.

But he ended up getting those charges reduced to battery and was sentenced to a year probation – the same sentence I received after my resisting arrest without violence conviction last year.

But perhaps this was an isolated incident. Or maybe not.

In 2004, an intern with the Ocoee Police Department accused Maroney of sexual harassment. He admitted to giving the underage intern alcohol at his home, according to an internal affairs file.
The intern said Maroney told her that he wanted to give her 21 spankings for an upcoming birthday.
Ocoee police found that Maroney violated the department’s directives, and he was issued a written warning.

Maroney, who also had to give up his badge as part of last year’s plea deal, is now asking the judge to remove him from probation, even though he has only served nine months.

The victim now has to go to court on Nov. 13 to ask the judge to keep him on probation.

Maroney insists the incident was consensual.


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