Cops Brutally Beat Man While Arresting him on Warrant. But there was no Warrant.

Memphis Police Department est.1827 Y’all Know Y’all Wrong He Just Got Out Not Even A Week Ago He Was Literally Doing Nothing y’all Came Up There On His...

Ben Keller

Police officers in Tennessee were caught on video beating an unarmed man an unarmed man with batons for a warrant.

Video posted to Facebook by a Tennessee woman on July 28 shows cops from the Memphis Police Department beating her brother while arresting him for a warrant.

The only problem?

There was no warrant, according to a post on Kimari Muva's Facebook page.


Video footage of the brutal arrest was apparently taken by the victim's grandmother who we have not yet identified.

It's not clear what the man in the video's real name is, but the name for his Facebook account appears to be "Mob Wayne," which we concluded from another one of Kimari Muva's post that says "Free my Gangsta Mob Wayne."

The video, which is about four minutes, begins with the grandmother recording.

"He goes back to court on August the 10th, y'all," she tells the officers.

Officer then begin beating the victim.

One officer can be seen running behind the man holding up his baton.

"Stop hitting him like that," the grandmother can be heard saying.

An officer strikes him.

"Stand in front of him, grandma," someone can be heard saying.

"No, no, no . . . don't do that, don't do that, please don't do that," the grandmother says pleading with officers not to hit her grandson.

An officer strikes him again.

"Stop hitting him," she says, as one cop hits him in the leg with his baton after he already surrendered.

Meanwhile, the victim's sister continues shouting profanities at the officers.

"Be quiet, Neisha," the grandmother recording says to her granddaughter.

"Shut your mouth, girl."

"Can I say something? the grandmother asks the officers.

"You can say it to your camera," one officer replies to the woman.

The grandmother then requests to speak to an officer, who eventually listens to the woman ask about why they are arresting her grandson because he had to go to court, but didn't have a warrant.

The officer walks away without giving any answer.

The grandmother repeats a request to ask to talk to one of the officers, but only one officer replies saying there's a supervisor on the way.

That's when the video, posted with a caption which can be read below, ends.

Memphis Police Department est.1827 Y’all Know Y’all Wrong He Just Got Out Not Even A Week Ago He Was Literally Doing Nothing y’all Came Up There On His porched And Jumped On Him Talm Bout He Got A Warrant When He Clearly Don’t Y’all Racist Ass Shit Mob Wayne Keep Your Head Up We Coming To Get You Soon 💯 Y’all Hear His Gma Tryna Tell Them Right Ts Fucked Up All Them Racist Bitches Gone Get Whats Coming ESPECIALLY OFFICER MOE

We will update the story if more information becomes available.

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The sad situation is the black cop did not saying anything too the white cop who kept hitting him with the the stick for no reason. dam he can't stop him but dam say something, I guarantee you that white cop he would not let him continually hit a white boy that white cop would write him up and testify against him in court of so called justice for some but not for all 🤔


Bringing a little excitement to an otherwise boring day. Cops need real toys so that they will leave us alone. How about a Rainbow Pony doll?


nothing like a lil excessive force and kidnapping, sprinkle in a false warrant, some extra charges......

this is probably some one that has warrant on a regular bases that the cops didn't bother checking the computer and just assumed.

watch! the cop will figure it out oops, no warrant. and then make up BS charges just to cover there own ass.

looks like another police misconduct winner!

Cops Gone Rogue