Cops Draw Guns on Men for Using Fake Guns and Drugs to Film Rap Video

Ben Keller

Texas cops drew down on a group of men holding big bags of white powder and firearms. It turned out to be musicians.

A resident in Southlake, Texas called 911 after apparently becoming alarmed by a group of men taking photos in front of a house holding big bags of sugar and Airsoft guns as props for their music video.

Fears of a massive gun battle with armed men with drugs were averted after officers determined what looked like assault weapons at first glance turned out to be just replica air rifles.

It happened just three days after two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

A total of 31 people were killed by two men armed with assault rifles in separate incidents.

On high alert, Southlake police officers arrived to the scene with guns drawn, detaining the four men shortly after arriving.

The men were also wearing bullet proof vests and the bags of sugar were intentionally made to look like illegal drugs.

And the house they were recording in front of was not the one they actually intended to film the video in front of.

The men, all in their late teens, apparently got the address they were supposed to be filming at confused with the address of the 911 caller.

The incident was caught on body cam, but the faces of the men shooting the video were blurred out since they were not charged with any crimes.

The Department of Public Safety in Southlake posted to the department's Facebook page about the incident.

"They had come to Southlake to film a rap video, but ended up going to the wrong house on the wrong street. No charges were filed and the citizens were released. This was a great job of the citizens following officer commands, keeping a cool head, and understanding why we showed up in the first place. Our officers also should be commended for their attention to detail, excellent training, and meticulous investigating."

Towards the end of the video, one officer approaches the men showing some compassion saying he understands why the young men are "scared shitless."

But he assures them they will be on their way once they verify the guns were replicas and that the men were simply shooting a music video.

"Right now y'all are being real respectful. Just stay relaxed until everything checks out," the officer tells the young men.

Everything did end up checking out and thankfully nobody was hurt over the misunderstanding.

Watch footage from the encounter above.

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