Cops Order Man to Crawl and Lay Down before Beating him for Running Stop Sign

Carlos Miller

Santa Maria police said the man was charged with driving under the influence and resisting arrest.

The California cops appeared terrified of the man they say was driving drunk, spending more than two minutes hiding behind their patrol cars with their guns drawn, ordering him to crawl towards them on his hands and knees.

They made him lie flat on his stomach in the middle of the street with his arms and legs spread out before one cop fired some type of exploding projectile near his face.

It was only then they felt safe enough to pile on top of him and punch him repeatedly. One cop allowed a K9 to maul his leg.

A woman, meanwhile, stood on a sidewalk and recorded the interaction, suggesting to the cops at one point that maybe the man did not understand English. Santa Maria is 75 percent Hispanic, according to the U.S. Census.

The video was posted to Facebook Monday afternoon and has quickly gone viral.

"Because I said so," a female cop can be heard after ordering him down on his knees.

"Crawl, crawl, crawl," she says.

Santa Maria police said the video is just a "small portion of the big picture."

According to KEYT:

Santa Maria police said the man was driving around cars stopped for a stop sign at the corner of Boone and Western, merging into the opposite lane of traffic and not stopping at the sign. When a patrol officer caught up to the man's SUV, he noticed other infractions. The car continued to drive for several blocks before finally stopping on West Barrett.

“I think something to consider is that that video is just a small portion of the big picture," said Lt. Jesse Silva. "[The department] will investigate it from a standpoint of tactics, training, and equipment, to see if our officers used the proper tactics.”

The man whose name has not been released was charged with driving under the influence and resisting arrest, according to KSBY.

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Only when we start shooting these terrorist with a badge and making an example out of them will things ever change a war is being waged against the american people and no its not from some islamic terrorist in a cave or some russian hacker in his grandma's basement its from our own police and government when plouce forsake there oaths and act more like a para military and view us citezens as the enemy they are no longer peaxe officers they are enemy combatants on our soil and need to be stopped at all cost if that goes as far as taking there lives so be it we are at war and that war is against our constitution and us as a people the more we stand together the more we stand up and fight back the better chance we have of surviving this war. Cops are not your friends they are trained to kill and than ask questions later never trust one never allow your children,elderly or pets arounf one because we have seen time and time again these men and women of law enforcement can kill us our pets our children and walk free remember who pays there salary this cant go on forever at some point the bubble will burst and we vetarans will take control and for thos veterans wo have become part of the thin blue line gang remember your oaths to the people and constitution or your just another enemy combatant.


if this is the new SOP, then it is time to lock and load! time to rid ourselves of the blue ISIS terrorists!


Cowardice, followed by thuggery. Typical California.

Fascist Slayer
Fascist Slayer

OH MY GOD, it's like word vomit. I can't help it.. Amerifuck is at it again. Fuck hole.


When people follow instructions like this man did(laying down submissive) and the police decide to dole out their own brand of justice, why then should the court even be allowed to pass a sentence. It's not his fault that the police usurped the power of the court, pronounced him guilty and sentenced him to an explosive projectile to the face, one hell of a beating, and a dog mauling.

Cops Gone Rogue