Cops Yank 71-year-old Man out of Home in Bathrobe, Sending him Hurling to Ground

Carlos Miller

It was a false call and Kentucky cops then lied to a supervisor about why they resorted to such aggressive tactics.

Frank Seripiglia figured he would be safe opening the door to a horde of cops banging on his front door because the 71-year-old had done nothing illegal.

But the Louisville man was in for a shock when a cop yanked him from inside his door within a second of opening the front door, sending him hurling to the ground face first.

"Get on the ground!" a cop yells as he grabs him by the wrist.

"Get on the fucking ground!" another cop yells as the man is flung to the ground.

Turns out, the man's wife had called police claiming her husband had shot her in the head but it was not true. Seripligia's wife has a history of mental illness which is what led to the call. The cops were from the Louisville and Jeffersontown police departments. Both are now getting sued.

According to WDRB:

The woman had called 911 in a “delusional state” claiming her husband had shot her in the head, according to the lawsuit filed last week against Louisville Metro Police officers, the Jeffersontown Police Department and the city.

"What did she call the police for?" Serapiglia repeatedly asked. "There's no ****ing problem. What the heck is the deal?"

As Mrs. Serapiglia is brought downstairs and outside, disheveled but not hurt, an officer reported to dispatch that “there was no shooting,” according to body cam footage.

"We're out," a J-Town officers says, according to body cam. Another officer laughs.

When police don't respond to his questions, Serapiglia asks his wife why she called 911.

"I thought you shot me," she quietly responds.

"What?!," Serapiglia yells. "What!?!"

Serapiglia explains to police that his wife had previously been hospitalized, had seizures and mental health issues.

The incident took place September 18 and Serapiglia filed the lawsuit on March 5 against both police departments.

During the moments after the incident while Serapiglia was still handcuffed, Louisville police officers David Stettler and William Kline told a commanding officer that Serapiglia was "non-compliant" and would not get on the ground nor step outside which is why they had to yank him out.

They also said the only reason he landed face firsfirst on the ground was because he had "lost his footing and fell to the ground." The videos show they are liars.

Watch shortened video above or longer video below. We are working on obtaining the actual lawsuit.

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This is the result of sedition being illegal. These freaks know we'll never rise up and stop them - and it will only get worse.


He got off easy. He’s alive. Similar case in the next county but homeowner didn’t know the beating on his door was a cop. He looked out the window holding a gun. The cop shot through the window and killed him


WOW again here we have a bunch of POS SCUMBAG NAZI PIG COPS 🐖👮‍♀️🐷👮🐽🚓 man handling a 71 yr old man and throwing him face first to the ground then Lying about it as always. ( welcome to the New World Order ( The United Nazi Regime Pig Police State’s Of America ) where they PISS on our Constitutional Rights every day to know prevail, They say NAZI SCUMBAG PIG POLICE LIVES MATTER - & I strongly say NO THE F•CK THEY DON’T. All Scumbag Nazi Pig Police DESERVE WHATS DUE ☠️☠️☠️☠️ Then let god sort them out.


You don't need video to show that they're liars. When cops' lips are moving, they're lying. This is what you get when you lower IQ standards for employment: retards who can't figure out that they're filming themselves.


i am surprised they are making house calls. usually they are on the highway robbing people of there money, i mean looking for drugs.

unfortunately the piggies have exigent circumstances for the unlawful entry and search. as for the excessive force and falsifying there police report, these POS pigs have NO excuse!

Cabbie Joe
Cabbie Joe

defend these actions scumbag boot-lickers...

Cops Gone Rogue