DA Won't Press Charges Against Two Cops who Tasered Naked Man In Shower 18 Times

Chet Peterson
Chet Peterson

May 25, 2017— Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A neighbor called the police on Adam Trammell, a 22 year old who was experiencing a psychotic break, while living in...

Ben Keller

Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm announced he won't press charges against two cops who fatally tasered a man 18 times.

"There was no basis to conclusively link Mr. [Adam] Trammell's death to actions taken by police officers," Chisholm said during an announcement last Friday even though West Milwaukee police officers Michael Rohleder and Anthony Munoz say they tasered 22-year-old Adam Trammell 18 times as he showered because he was "uncooperative and combative" with them.

The Milwaukee County medical examiner's officer ruled Trammell's cause of death as "excited delirium" caused by an "undetermined" manner.

​West Milwaukee police were called to Trammell's home to do a welfare check after a neighbor called 911 and told them about a man named 'Brandon' naked in the hallway and threatening self-harm.

The caller described a man having a mental breakdown and requested for police to assist.

Video footage, which some may find disturbing, shows officers Rohleder and Munoz tasering Trammell after busting the door and entering the bathroom where he is standing naked in the shower.

"Brandon, I need you to come on out," one officers orders, warning him he'll get tasered of he doesn't.

​Munoze and Rohleder incorrectly refer to Trammell as 'Brandon" because that's the name his neighbor gave to dispatch.

After being tasered just once, Trammell immediately lays down in the tub on his back and screams in pain.

Eventually, Munoz and Rohleder taser Trammell several more times while attempting to subdue him.

Cops from neighboring departments, along with paramedics, eventually arrived to assist.

About thirty minutes elapse after Trammell is first tasered before he loses consciousness at the hospital where he is pronounced dead. ​

Trammell's family attorney says he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

"The family first saw the video at the DA's office. So yes they've seen the video and they weep every time they see it," attorney Mark Thomsen told WISN.

"We had a young man in a bath tub naked, OK? Why they engaged in tasing for 15 to 18 times is beyond my imagination.

"For no good reason -- and essentially tortured to death," Thomsen continued.

"That should not happen to the mentally ill in our community."

Thomsen indicated Trammell's family will file a civil suit.

The Milwaukee police department stated they would not comment due to expected pending litigation.

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This is so sad There needs to be a department of officers that are trained to deal with wellness checks In this case though These officers were just being lazy They did not give him a chance to do anything and He was naked and in the shower for god sake where was their humanity


Murder. Morally, after this, John Chisholm is no longer DA. He must be fired.

Fascist Slayer
Fascist Slayer

Death by Amerishock. What a hole.

Evil Dude
Evil Dude

I thought tazers were supposed to be less lethal options to using a gun, not a COMPLY with me or ill hurt you tool.

Cops Gone Rogue