Delaware Cop Caught on Video Kicking Man in Face

Carlos Miller

Delaware Cop Caught on Video Kicking Man in Face to Receive $230,000 to Resign

In order to build trust in the community, a Delaware cop who was caught on video kicking an innocent man in the face, shattering the man’s jaw, will be paid $230,000 to resign.

The city of Dover says this the settlement with Thomas Webster IV is in the “best interest of the community” because it guarantees he will no longer work as a city police officer.

But the settlement has no effect on his law enforcement license, so he can be hired by any other agency in the state or country for that matter.

Meanwhile, the man whose face he kicked in 2013 in a case of mistaken identity, Lateef Dickerson, received a $15,000 settlement in December.

That settlement was made after a jury found Webster was acquitted of a felony assault and misdemeanor assault.

The jury went with the old “split second” to react justification, saying Webster had the right to kick an innocent man in the face because he happened to be at the same store where a fight had broken out.

But Dickerson had nothing to do with the fight.

An officer’s dash cam video shows him running through red lights to respond to the fight that broken out in a gas station.

A cop who had already reached the scene spoke into the radio saying people ran in different directions but he especially noted a man with a yellow shit who apparently had a gun.

The dispatcher repeats the description of the man in the yellow shirt as the cop drives up on a man in a white tank top, hopping out of the car and yelling, “get on the fucking ground.”

The dash cam also shows Webster coming up from behind and also telling him to get on the fucking ground, then kicking Dickerson in the face as he was trying to comply with orders to get on the ground.

But the jury apparently believed he did not comply fast enough, which is why they acquitted Dickerson.

Webster will remain employed until June 30, even though he is and will remain on paid administrative leave.

Then once he officially leaves, he will receive about $38,333- a-year for the next six years.

But city officials also point out that the settlement forbids him from entering the Dover Police Department or communicate with other police officers, which shows they’ve done his part to ensure he doesn’t kick anybody in the face against under their name.

City Councilman Tim Slavin told local media that the settlement will allow Dover, “as a city, need to heal from this horrible event.”


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