Delaware Cops Caught on Video Tasing and Kicking Non-Resistant Man

Carlos Miller

Delaware Cops Caught on Video Tasing and Kicking Non-Resistant Man in Head

Police in Delaware were caught on video repeatedly tasing a man and kicking him in the head, even though he wasn’t resisting.

If anything, Jeremy Anderson, 34, was using his arm to stop Rehoboth Beach police officer Robert Witman from tasering him again.

Wittman responded by kicking him in the head at least twice to the horror of the man’s wife, who did a great job of recording the altercation, even if she did hold the phone in a vertical position.

The incident is now “under investigation,” which we all know is cop code for sweeping it under the carpet until we all forget about it.

The incident took place April 7 while Anderson and his wife were on vacation from Pennsylvania. Anderson got into an altercation with a hotel worker for a room key and police were called.

Police told some media outlets that Anderson then made a “threatening gesture” towards them, which is why they had to tase and kick him.

But the video shows Anderson attempting to comply with their orders after they ordered him to place his hands behind his back.

Well, he did say “fuck you” before placing his hands behind his head, which was when they tased him the first time.

And while that might not be the most pleasant thing to say, they are not “fighting words,” which means his “fuck you” is protected by the First Amendment as numerous courts have ruled.

According to WUSA9:

Police Chief Keith Banks has seen the video and says an internal investigation will determine with police procedures were followed.
Rehoboth Beach Mayor Sam Cooper told us: “Right now all we have is the video. It is what it is. Obviously something happened before this incident.”
Mayor Cooper says he’s awaiting the outcome of the full investigation before passing judgment. He says, “I would think the officers would want the same thing.”
Anderson was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and offensive touching of law enforcement. 
He spent two nights in jail.


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