Delaware State Police Caught on Video Raiding Home, Killing Dog

Carlos Miller

Delaware State Police Caught on Video Raiding Home, Killing Dog (Updated)

Wearing full military gear and wielding high-powered rifles, Delaware state police broke into a home Friday, shooting and killing a dog who was running from them in fear.

The entry was captured on Mark Reedy’s security camera, who says police were looking for guns, but the shooting takes place off-frame.

The video shows the dog running up to the door as they are trying to break in, yelling “state police … search warrant.”

The dog is barking and it’s tail is wagging but as soon as it sees a giant shield enter the home with a gun pointing from behind it, the dog runs away.

Then at least ten cops enter the home, pointing weapons and yelling about a search warrant.

One cop can be heard saying something like “less lethal up” and then three seconds later, a gunshot can be heard.

It is possible that was an order to shoot the dog with non-lethal rounds but if that’s the case, they shot it with lethal rounds later in the raid.

Reedy, who was not home at the time, eventually came home and discovered that police tore out two chunks of wall in an apparent attempt to remove bullet and bullet fragments.

Then they tried to break into a gun safe using a couple of screwdrivers from his own toolbox, leaving when they failed to open the safe, apparently taking the dog’s body with them.

Reedy, who posted two videos and photos on Facebook Sunday, has not responded to any comments since late Sunday, so it’s likely he has been arrested.

The story came to us via the site, Puppycide Database, which tracks these types of incidents.

In his video, Reedy said Delaware state police, jointed by Smyrna police, entered his home without a warrant Thursday, but his dog was in a cage.

He said they returned with a warrant on Friday, which is when they shot the dog.

He also says he has video from Thursday’s entry when they did not have a warrant but he has not posted video of that yet. He did, however, post a photo of a cop standing in his open doorway, saying that’s from Thursday’s entry.

The second video he posted is him speaking into the camera describing what happened. He is very angry but also careful to point out that he is not making any threats.

But just the word “threat” is enough to make cops fear for their lives.

We have reached out to Delaware state police for more information and will update this article when we receive it.

We combined both videos below.

Leave a comment on the Delaware state police Facebook page.

UPDATE: Delaware state police finally issued a statement regarding this incident, stating that Reedy was wanted for a domestic assault incident between himself and his girlfriend.

They said the dog became “aggressive” and had to be killed. Read the entire statement below.


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