Denver Cop Sics K9 on Non-resisting Man as other Cops Yell "Stop Resisting"

Denver cop allows K9 to maul man who had surrendered as other cops yell contradictory orders.

A Denver cop who sadistically allowed his police dog to attack a man on his knees with his hands behind his head was issued a 10-day suspension he may never serve.

Denver police officer David Miller was set to begin serving his suspension today but filed an appeal which sets off a process that could lead to several more appeals, according to ABC 7.

The incident took place on November 1, 2018 as police were tracking a stolen U-haul truck in a helicopter. Miller's bodycam was turned off but another cop had his turned on. That video is posted above.

At one point, the driver parked the truck and stepped out which was when two cops pulled up and began screaming at him to get on the ground, which he immediately did.

Miller then arrives and allows his K9 to attack the man for about 20 painful seconds.

"Get your hands up!" the cops yell as the dog mauls the man's arms who yells in pain, pleading for them to pull the dog away.

"Stop resisting!" the cops continue to yell. "Let me see your hands!"

Miller received an oral reprimand for not turning on his body camera.


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so you want to appeal your 10 day slap on the wrist?!!! OK, so instead of taking your punishment like a man, here you go you fucking pussy punk bitch!, YOUR FIRED!!!!

I just cant believe some of these crybaby cops. oh poor me, what about my rights, my job, my this, my that! how about when you fucktards violate innocent peoples lives on a regular basses, or when you shoot, beat, taser kick harass or hand out unjustified tickets all in the name of serve and protect!


The cops have done a lot to me in the past that I let slide that I would never let slide today.

violence or false arrest or anything today is a bad idea


Civil war is coming and these traitors will go first any one who stands by these men and women of law enforcement and condones the attacks on we the people and our constitution will be branded as traitors and will be imprisoned and than executed for treason


It only took 3% during the Revolutionary war!