Detroit Cop Caught on Camera Dining and Dashing on $500 Food Tab at Restaurant

Carlos Miller

The cop is now facing 90 days in jail.

A Detroit police officer was part of a group who dined on more than $500 worth of food at a Japanese steakhouse on Mother's Day before walking out without paying.

She was caught after local media ran surveillance video showing the group walking out of Sagano Japanese Steak House & Bistro.

It was only after the clip aired that she returned to the restaurant to pay the bill, claiming she was doing it for "a friend."

Now she is facing 90 days in jail on a misdemeanor along with another woman in the group.

But as of now, they have yet to release her name.

According to Fox 2:

Smith says after surveillance video ran on FOX 2 last Friday, tips came in leading investigators to a female Detroit police officer - who is now facing a misdemeanor for the crime.

"It's really disappointing on a lot of levels," Smith said. "You hear dine and dashes from kids in high school doing this, maybe college, but not law enforcement doing something like this."

The day after FOX 2's story aired - someone came to Sagano and paid that big bill saying to restaurant staff that they were a 'friend' of the party who walked out.

It turns out, Smith says - it was the DPD officer herself.

The restaurant manager said the group, which included 10 adults and some children, had asked for separate checks but the group did not stick around long enough to receive the checks.

The cop is scheduled for a court hearing today. We will update this with her name and anymore information when it is released.

Police say she has been placed on "restricted, no-gun status."


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