Detroit Police Officer Convicted of Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs

Christopher Staton

Keith Palmer

A Detroit cop helped sell drugs for dealers and was even paid $20,000 for staging a fake arrest

Former Detroit Police Officer Christopher Staton, 52, was convicted on September 17 by a federal jury in Detroit on the charge of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

According to the evidence presented at trial, Staton, while a officer with the Detroit Police Department, was part of a drug trafficking organization and conspired with Meltwaine Dukes and Sedrick Jackson, both known drug dealers, to distribute and to possess with the intent to distribute controlled substances, including cocaine and fentanyl.

According to Staton used his position as a police officer to assist the drug trafficking organization by running license plates and providing other sensitive law enforcement information. For instance, after a law enforcement officer stopped one of the organization’s drug couriers who was trying to deliver almost one kilogram of fentanyl, Staton provided advice to Dukes about how to handle the situation, and also agreed to find out if the courier was actually arrested.

On another occasion, Staton, at the request of Dukes, conducted a staged traffic stop of Jackson, who was transporting drugs or drug proceeds, in order to fool their drug supplier to think that police had taken the drugs/money. Staton was in a police vehicle and armed with a firearm at the time of the stop.

Staton was paid $20,000 in cash for performing the staged traffic stop and fake arrest. In addition to using his position as a police officer to assist Dukes and Jackson in running the drug business, Staton was also a drug customer—purchasing drugs from Dukes for re-sale.

United States Attorney Matthew Schneider says:

“Although the vast majority of police officers in Michigan are fully dedicated to protecting the public, sometimes there is an infrequent example of an officer driven by corruption and greed. Here, instead of protecting and serving the public, Staton acted at the behest of the drug dealers peddling fentanyl. Nonetheless, former Officer Staton’s actions, while egregious, do not overshadow the outstanding work of so many other great police officers.”

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