Drunk Cop Invades Home of Innocent Couple Looking for House Party

Joshua Brown

A California cop got drunk and went to a random couple’s house.

Thinking he was at the home of a fellow officer throwing a party.

But Oakland police Cullen Faeth ended up arrested on home invasion charges when he attacked the house’s occupants, knocking the woman to the ground and kicking her husband several times.

While the rookie cop was attacking the couple, another cop who has not been identified ran out from the couple’s backyard while pretending to hold a gun underneath his shirt before running away.

The responding officers then spent the remainder of the night pressuring the couple into not filing charges – never once telling them that Faeth was a cop.

Now the home owners Olga and Nemesio Cortez have filed a lawsuit against the city of Oakland and five police officers. Olga is a probation officer.

On December 7, 2015, Faeth and several other off-duty Oakland cops were drinking at Monaghan’s Bar, according to KTVU.

Afterwards they agreed to go to an officer’s house party.

Cue the house party from hell.

At 9:30 p.m., Faeth approached the Cortez’s home, mistaking it for the officer’s house party.

“Open the fucking door!” Faith yelled as he banged on the Cortez’s front door.

When Nemesio Cortez cracked the door to see what the commotion was, Faeth tried to force his way inside the home and in doing so, overpowered the man, pulling him outside and kicking him in the stomach.

His wife, Olga Cortez, called the police to report the invasion, then stepped outside in her bathrobe to help her husband.

But Faeth tackled her, exposing her nude lower body.

“Out of nowhere, he kind of faced my direction and then just walked towards me and jumped on me, and grabbed me really, really tight and we fell to the ground. I was exposed and humiliated,” said Olga Cortez.

It was not until neighbors jumped in on the action that Faeth was held down until the sober police arrived where he was arrested.

The lawsuit, which was filed on October 28, 2016, identifies the other officers involved as Sergeant Micheal Turner – who shot and killed a man with a pellet gun last year – as well as Lieutenant Roland Holmgren, and officers Trevor Stratton and Bryan Budgin.

All the cops who were with Faeth that night fled the scene before police arrived.

Oakland police then returned to the Cortez home several times throughout the night to intimidate them into not filing charges.

At this point, the couple had no idea the suspects were cops.

The lawsuit states that around midnight, several uniformed officers arrived at the Cortez home in an attempt to persuade the couple that no crime had been committed.

At 3 a.m., a new group of on-duty officers arrived to do the same thing.

It was not until a week later that the couple learned through a friend that Faeth was a cop.

The Cortez’s tried to get the incident report for months but the Oakland Police would not release it. The couple’s attorney, John Burris had to convince the police department to release the report, which they finally did, but it was heavily redacted.

The Oakland Police Department had this to say:

“The Oakland Police Department takes all allegations of misconduct involving our employees seriously. We hold all of our employees to a high level of ethical and professional accountability and will not tolerate criminal behavior.”

Faeth is charged with two counts of battery and one count each of trespassing and public intoxication, he has pleaded not guilty. All the officers involved have been put on administrative leave.


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