Enraged and Volatile Miami-Dade Cop Threatens to Beat Protester

Carlos Miller

Enraged and Volatile Miami-Dade Cop Threatens to Beat Protester for Calling Man “Idiot”

An enraged Miami-Dade police officer stormed up to a group of protesters and threatened to beat a man because he had called another man an idiot.

It was idiocy at its purest.

A video guaranteed to go viral.

For now, we will refer to him as Officer Idiot.

The video, posted today, only has 62 views as of this writing, but it was recorded May 24, 2015 in front of the Miami Seaquarium, where demonstrators gather regularly to protest against the captivity of [Lolita,](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lolita_(orca%29) the killer whale who has been penned up in a tiny pool for decades now.

The protesters stand on a public sidewalk in front of the tourist attraction with signs and megaphones in an attempt to dissuade people from entering.

In the moments prior to this video, a man in a car pulling into the Seaquarium parking lot flipped them off, which prompted a man with a megaphone to call him an “idiot.”

That drew the attention of the Miami-Dade cop, who has not yet been identified, but give us a few minutes.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” the cop said. “If I’m driving with my family coming in here and you call me an idiot, I will stop the car and beat your fucking ass.”

Officer Idiot obviously does not understand that the First Amendment allows us to call each other idiots as well as to flip each other off. Happens all the time in Miami traffic.

With the help of the ACLU, the protesters have since filed a lawsuit against the Miami-Dade Police Department for violating their right to protest by restricting access to the public sidewalks near the entrances, which is described as a “red zone.”

The lawsuit, which can be read here, mentions a Miami-Dade cop named John Alexander, Jr., who has harassed them in the past, including placing a man named Steven Bagenski for entering the forbidden red zone.

It is possible that Alexander is Officer Idiot.

But it’s also no secret that Officer Idiot is not the only idiot on the force.

UPDATE: His last name is Cadet, which is in the title of the video, but I wanted to confirm it first, which I already did with the videographer. His first name is most likely Gary. Gary J. Cadet aka Officer Idiot.

UPDATE II: Gary Cadet maintains a Facebook page, which includes a picture of him drinking Cuban coffee or what we call in Miami, “cafecito.” It is a very strong and sweet dose of espresso. Some call it Cuban Cocaine.

Gary, if you’re reading this, you need to chill on the cafecitos. That stuff will make you crazy.


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