Enraged Texas Cop Punches and Breaks Elderly Couple's Windshield for no Reason

Carlos Miller

The state trooper has been suspended and the department offered to repair the windshield.

The Texas state trooper who punched the windshield of a car driven by an elderly couple, causing it to shatter probably believes he had every right to do what he did.

After all, he has been trained to believe everybody is out to kill him.

But he has since been suspended and the Department of Public Safety agreed to repair the windshield, according to ABC 13.

The incident took place in Richmond Saturday as Francisco Montemayor, 81, was driving his 75-year-old wife to lunch when they drove by the trooper who had somebody pulled over.

It was a narrow two-lane road with no shoulder so that probably made the cop fear for his life.

According to ABC 13:

"(The) DPS trooper had somebody pulled over, traffic was going slow because it was congested in that area," (couple's daughter) Creek recalled. "(The) DPS trooper made a gesture to my dad to slow down. (My) dad was already coming slow. He was moving over when the DPS trooper stepped out."

That's when her mother claims that without warning, the trooper fired a punch into the passenger side of the front windshield.

"He took his fist and he hit my parents' car," Creek said. "Literally."

She says her mother opened her door and apologized to the trooper, then asked about their window.

They say the trooper's only reply was, "F***ing go."

The 75-year-old woman was left with shards of glass on her clothes and hands. Glass had also fallen all over the seat and floorboard.

The cop's name has not been released.

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Found it funny the "friend" actually thinks the argument the officer was scared has any merit at all....yes of course it's normal behavior for a sane human to look up and see 2 tons of steel barreling down on them and think I'm going to step towards the immediate threat and aim a punch at the windshield, Give me and everybody else a fucking break.......cop safety? It's such a broken record......theses dumbass cops don't get it....we the public are fucking sick and tired of hearing.....we tazed,we sprayed, we killed....because I'm a scared little person who hides behind my badge and my blue ISIS brothers and my union will hug me and tell me I'm going home......fuck the blue line, fuck evil cops, and fuck the scared cops who have no reason to ever wear a uniform let alone be issued anything to harm a citizen.....scared cops are the most dangerous thing anybody can encounter


Make the SOB pay out of pocket. If it was a true and valid action, why tell the elderly to move on. Just appears the officer is a POS against that elderly couple. Why scare the sh.. out of the elderly anyway?


ABC13 Eyewitness News spoke with a DPS supervisor as he visited the family's home Monday, checking on the couple and their car.

He admitted the trooper was responsible for the broken windshield and said an internal investigation is underway.

The supervisor says they are working to fully replace the windshield.

In addition, DPS sent ABC13 Eyewitness News the following statement:

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) takes complaints like this very seriously. After learning about this incident, the department took immediate action based on preliminary findings. The Trooper involved is being suspended pending the outcome of an investigation by the DPS Office of Inspector General and the Texas Rangers.




It is too bad that the Trooper did not break every bone in his hand!


I know the officer, he is no pig. He is a man, an outstanding citizen, a loving husband, and a great father to his children.
This is sad. The window should be paid for - but don't go after the man, and get all of the details. Put yourself in the situation - I am sure i would have hit the window too if saw this car too close and about to strike me.


So tax payers covering this pigs tab?

Cops Gone Rogue